Micro Modal

Micro Modal®
Micro Modal® is a wonderfully soft, light and airy fabric made from beech wood cellulose. The thread is made in Austria, and is then woven in Italy. Micro Modal breathes 50% better than cotton, and remains soft and silky even after numerous machine washings.

Soft as silk, even cooler than cotton, and long lasting (with care), Micro Modal is becoming very popular as a bed linen. The Mattress & Sleep Company believes everyone should enjoy sleeping on a set of micro modal sheets at some point in their life!

To ensure the highest quality, all St Genève Micro Modal products are made using Lenzing Modal®, recognized for the same purity and extremely high standards that St Genève is known for.

For more than 40 years, Lenzing Modal has been providing pure softness next to the skin, guaranteeing constant innovation and further development for the whole textile chain. Micro Modal® is the perfect fibre for fabrics worn next to the skin – for day and night, for sports and active wear. Lenzing Modal® is a protected trade mark around the globe and products of Lenzing Modal are subjected to random tests to double-check the quality.

For Lenzing Modal®, only wood from tree farms which practice sustainability is used which is guaranteed by the PEFC quality seal.

The secret to the fibres success is pure beech wood. The cellulose produced is extracted from indigenous woods and used for the production of Micro Modal. The quality is guaranteed through the control of the whole manufacturing process – from wood to fibre. The standard of the raw material is critical for the quality and is what makes Micro Modal so unmistakable.

Micro Modal Textiles are exceptionally light in terms of the structure. Ten thousand metres of this Micro fibre will weigh only one single gram. The low fibre stiffness of Micro Modal makes it a natural softening agent. Combined with its smooth fibre surface, Lenzing Micro Modal guarantees softness.

Even after repeated washing, Micro Modal remains absorbent, soft and supple just like on the very first day. The smooth surface characteristics of the Modal fibre make it impossible for lime scum to be deposited on the textile thus preventing fabric hardening after repeated washings.

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