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Baby Natura's Classic Crib Comforter is crafted from cotton and wool. There are no synthetic materials in this product. Young children cannot effectively regulate their own body temperature, which is why we love Cry Less Wool™. Wool balances temperature and humidity effectively, allowing your little one to settle faster, and rest deeper.

Product Details

  • Unbleached, 100% Cotton Percale Outer Shell
  • 30 x 41" | 75 x 105 cm (sizes are approximate - item is hand-sewn)
  • 200 grams / square metre (6 ounces / square yard) of Cry Less Wool & Tencel blended fill
  • Regulate temperature for a fresh, dry sleep environment
  • Provide healthy, breathable comfort with all natural cotton and wool
  • Enjoy ease of care. May be machine washed and dried
  • Made in Canada

Care Instructions

May be machine washed and dried. Please follow the product label.

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