Organic Duvets

Our selection of organic duvets and comforters have been carefully curated. It's all well and good to offer organic raw materials, however, your organic duvet also needs to be of equally high craftsmanship and quality. Only when purity and quality are combined have we accomplished the goal of the best organic duvet or comforter.

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French Wool Duvet in Canada

Natura Organic Duvet

Obasan Organic Wool Duvet

Brun de Vian-Tiran Camargue Wool Duvets

Brun de Vian-Tiran Camargue Wool Duvets BEST SELLER

Priced from $599.00 CAD

Natura Wool Comforters

Natura Wool Comforters BEST SELLER

$219.99 to $499.99 CAD

Obasan Banff Wool Comforters

Obasan Banff Wool Comforters

Priced from $449.00 CAD