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Tiara Superb Mattress
Tiara Superb Mattress
Tiara Superb Mattress
Tiara Superb Mattress

Tiara Superb Mattress

$9,000.00 CAD

Availability: In-Store Only (On display in Edmonton & Sherwood Park)

At the heart of this superb bed are two layers of Vispring four-coil springs, deeply upholstered with hand-teased long-stranded South American horsetail, real Shetland Isle fleece wool and cotton. Naturally, exquisitely comfortable.

For over a century
Vispring pioneered the pocket spring in 1901, beginning more than a century of the finest bed building. The founding principles of quality and craftsmanship remain as Vispring's guiding tenets more than 100 years later. Today Vispring sets the standard for the production of sumptuous mattresses and sprung divans.

Individual comfort and support
Vispring mattresses are custom fit to your body type. Each model is available in soft, medium, firm and extra firm spring tensions. The spring system may be softer for one half and firmer for the other half to accommodate the needs of each sleeper.

Beautifully handcrafted from only the best natural fillings
The Tiara Superb is filled with generous helpings of Shetland Isle fleece wool and organic cotton. Additionally, hand-teased long-stranded horsetail is blended with Shetland Isle fleece wool and cotton for lasting quality. The genuine horsetail is enclosed in a special hair-proof cambric cover to ensure the horsetail cannot make its way through the mattress. There are no foams or synthetic contents of any kind. Every mattress is fully reversible to offer the longest service life possible.

Mattress support options
Vispring offers a range of functional foundations to support your Tiara Superb mattress. The recommended boxspring for the Tiara Superb is the Sovereign Divan.

For even more luxurious comfort consider upgrading to the Sovereign divan, or outfit your Prestige or Sovereign divan with custom upholstery, storage drawers and various under-bed legs. Please visit The Mattress & Sleep Company to learn more.

The Tiara Superb mattress will also work with most platform-style beds. Vispring's Bedstead Mattress Pad is required when placing this mattress on a platform-style bed.

Two-sided flippable mattress Mattress features generous helpings of natural fibres Pure non-allergenic wool to regulate temperature and humidity


  • Tiara Superb Mattress Technology:
    • Individual calico cotton pocket spring construction
    • Hand formed into a honeycomb nested unit
    • Crafted from virgin Vanadium steel
    • 2,856 springs (king), 4,596 springs with the matching Sovereign Divan
  • Tiara Superb Mattress Upholstery:
    • Two-sided construction, a genuine reversible mattress
    • Exclusive natural fillings
    • Upholstered with 1,200 grams per square metre (gsm) of Shetland Isle fleece wool and organic cotton
    • Additionally, 1,200 gsm hand-teased long-stranded horsetail blended with Shetland Isle fleece wool, cotton and hair proof cambric cover
    • Final layer of 1,200 gsm Shetland Isle fleece wool and cotton
    • Your choice of finest quality Belgian ticking
    • Hand-tufted with felt washers
  • Tiara Superb Mattress Borders:
    • Upholstered with protective wool
    • 3 rows of genuine long needle hand stitching secure the springs to the mattress border
    • Horizontal handles for rotation and flipping
    • Air vents
    • Depth of 9.1" (23 cm) at borders, and 11.5" (29.2 cm) doming
    • Measurements are accurate +/- 0.8"
  • Sovereign Divan:
    • Screwed and glued timber frame
    • FSC certified timber
    • 1,740 honeycomb nested calico cotton wrapped pocket springs
    • 1,200 gsm coconut coir insulation
    • 1,200 gsm of blended cotton and pure wool
    • Covered with your choice of finest quality ticking
    • Divan with or without drawers or choice of four divan and box base heights
    • Includes legs (or use without legs on a standard bed frame)
  • We recommend the Vispring bedstead pad when intending to use a Vispring mattress without the matching divan
  • Made to Order - Handcrafted in Plymouth, England

Firmness & Elasticity At a Glance

Mattress Firmness 3 out of 10 - Quite Soft
(Soft Tiara Superb)

Mattress Firmness 5 out of 10 - Medium
(Medium Tiara Superb)

Mattress Firmness 7 out of 10 - Medium-Firm
(Firm Tiara Superb)

Mattress Firmness 8.5 out of 10 - Very Firm
(Extra-Firm Tiara Superb)

Mattress Elasticity 8 out of 10 - Suitably Yielding
(All Tiara Superb Firmness Choices)

We believe in the Elastic Bed Principle. The best-performing mattresses are those rated 10 out of 10, extremely elastic.

Boxspring Dimensions

Dimensions for our most popular boxspring types. Visit us in-store for custom sizes and additional selection.

Simply add the mattress height to any of the heights listed below for a total bed height. If you're placing one of these foundations on an existing bed frame, be sure to include the height from the floor to the support structure of your existing bed to determine the total bed height.

Foundation Heights (Imperial) Foundation Heights (Metric) Leg Height Total Height w/ Legs
Berkeley Standard Slat Foundation 2 ½"
8 ½"
6 cm
10 cm
18 cm
21.5 cm
Not available Not available
Berkeley Suspension Slat Foundation (our best-selling boxspring) 2 ⅜"
6 ½"
6 cm
10 cm
16.5 cm
23 cm
Not available Not available
Obasan Foundations 4"
10 cm
20 cm
6" 10" | 25 cm
14" | 35.5 cm
Beaudoin Breeze Platform Bed 11 ½" w/ legs installed 29 cm w/ legs installed 11 ½" (legs must be installed)
Vispring Deluxe Divan 5 ½"
6 ⅝"
9 ⅞"
12 ¼"
14 cm
17 cm
25 cm
31 cm
Dozens of choices from 3 to 23 cm Varies from 6 ½" - 21"
Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed 8" 20 cm 3"
Varies from 11 to 16"
Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed (our best-selling electric base) 8" 20 cm 3"
Varies from 11 to 16"

Additional Reading

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Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

Lead Times for Out-of-Stock & Special Orders

Vispring beds are made to order in Plymouth, England. Please allow 10-14 weeks for delivery. Please Send Us a Message should your needs be time sensitive as we do keep a modest Vispring inventory in Alberta.

Delivery Costs & Available Services

In-home delivery and setup of your new Vispring bed is included at no extra cost in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. In addition, our professional delivery teams are able to travel to most locations in Alberta for a reasonable cost.

Removal of your existing mattress, bed frame and furniture is also available upon request.

Located elsewhere in Canada? We deliver Vispring beds outside of Alberta on a case-by-case basis. Please Send Us a Message or call us Toll-Free on 1-877-750-1212 to inquire.

General Availability Advice

The Mattress & Sleep Company is a family owned and operated Canadian retailer who specializes in high-quality bedding, bath and mattresses from Canada, Europe and the USA. Our vast selection makes it impossible to stock everything. For this reason, our website does not offer real-time inventory availability as many of our products are made to order.

Please read the availability details above as we do make an effort to draw attention to products which are typically in stock in our Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park stores and warehouses. For example, popular Ergomotion adjustable beds and Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are regularly stocked in Twin XL, Queen and King.

At any given moment, we have thousands of items in stock. For time-sensitive needs, please give us a call Toll-Free on 1 (877) 750-1212 or Send us a Message and we will be delighted to help.