Proper Down Pillow Design

Proper Down Pillow Design

Down Pillow Design

Sealed Seams
Most St Genève pillows are made with a special sealed edge seam. There is no piping because, as the picture shows, the fabric is rolled and then sewn. This makes an inside fold that prevents any leaks along the edge.

Most conventionally made down pillows have a decorative piping which looks very nice, but as you can see from this end view diagram, the seam can't be sealed, which is most likely to cause aggravating leaks. St Genève do add decorative piping to the finished pillow for a more finished look, but only after crafting the seam in the correct way.

Gusseted Pillows
Pillow covers are made of fabric, not a rigid material, so as soon as you use the pillow, the seam will relax to its most natural "pillow shape" as shown in diagram "B". The pillow will not loft higher, or hold fill against the side any better, because of the soft and flexible fabric that is covering the pillow. The purpose for this is so that the pillow looks good and attractive when purchased, but like any pillow, after usage and washings the pillow will not keep this shape forever.

We don't care for this design, since there is no advantage to this style except that it looks attractive in the package. The greatest disadvantage to this style is that an extra seam is added, which doubles the possibility of leaks, especially if the seams have piping.

Chambered Pillows
These are pillows that have sections that hold different kinds of fill in separate chambers. For example a middle chamber filled with a feather/down blend in the centre of a pillow for support, with a chamber of down on top for softness (Please see Chateau Pillows). A lot of these pillows work quite well. Their main drawback is that they are difficult to clean, but if you use a good pillow protector at all times the pillow should last for years.

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