The Sleep Sound Guarantee®

You can sleep soundly knowing that every product purchased from The Mattress & Sleep Company is brand new and has never been used or slept on. Mattresses, pillows, bedding and towels are intimate, personal use items and we believe you deserve to be assured a new product.

Better than a trial period

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers intelligent comfort adjustment options for several of our partner mattress brands.

Trial periods at mainstream mattress retailers

Canadian law is very vague about the reselling of used mattresses and bedding products. Retailers which offer a "mattress comfort trial" are reselling customer returned, used mattresses which are cleverly marketed in the following ways.

  • Labelled as a "floor model"
  • Labelled as a "demo model"
  • Labelled as "one left over from the home show"
  • Labelled as "damaged and/or dirty"

It is important to know that the vast majority of mattress manufacturers do not take back used mattresses. And of course it's not economically viable for the retailer to throw away a comfort trial mattress. This is why sleep trial returns are resold.

And that's just mattresses. Smaller items such as pillows are regularly, unsuspectingly, resold as "new" after having been used.

There are too many health risks

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes there are too many health risks associated with reselling a used mattress. There are many variables to consider:

  • Allergy risks such as smoking, pets, perfume and dust mites.
  • Bedbugs, bacteria, bodily fluids. The average person loses 500 mL to 1 litre of moisture each night.

Many of these health risks are especially significant for our customers with extreme chemical or environmental sensitivities.

Display models are the only exception

The only exception we make under The Sleep Sound Guarantee® is in regards to our display models in our showrooms.

Floor model mattresses are clearly marked when offered for sale, and are accompanied by a significant price reduction. Purchasing a display mattress is always optional and will never be forced upon anyone wishing to purchase a factory-fresh model instead.

Competitor price matching

We match or beat competitor pricing on a case-by-case basis. Every situation is unique and by approaching a competitive pricing issue individually, we're better equipped to meet your needs and assure your satisfaction.

If you've discovered another store with what appears to be a lower price, call us Toll Free on 1-877-750-1212, send us a message or visit a store and we'll do our best to help.

Comfort Adjustments for Applicable Mattress Models

Berkeley Ergonomics
Most Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses may be altered at any time in the future.

After sleeping on your new Berkeley mattress for a maximum of 90 nights, we will accommodate a one-time comfort or support adjustment by replacing eligible internal mattress component(s). Each Berkeley Ergonomics model is constructed in a specific way, which means there could be layers of latex foam, Eucavisco or even spring units that may be replaced with variants which are softer, firmer or potentially entirely different material.

There is a flat fee of $50 for our local delivery service to swap the existing component(s) with the replacement(s). To be eligible for an exchange, there are a few requirements:

After the 90 night adjustment period, individual components may still be replaced for comfort, support or even wear and tear. This capability provides unparalleled solutions at any time in the future. Changes after 90 nights are at market rates. Prices for replacement components vary, please call or visit for details.

Sleeptek Kama mattresses have a zippered cover, which allows for individual layers to be replaced at any time during the course of ownership. The middle 4" layers in Sleeptek mattresses can be replaced for a subsidized price. During the first 90 nights Sleeptek replacement 4" layers are $150 each in half queen or half king (one sleeper). Additionally, we offer replacement layers for $300 per layer, per sleeper, after the 90 day trial and up to 1 year after original purchase. Each replacement layer has a $500 retail value.

Vispring offers their Comfort Promise directly to the end purchaser. For all Vispring mattresses selected in a regularly stocked size and spring tension, in a standard fabric, while adhering to the recommended spring tension for your BMI rating, Vispring will replace your mattress with one of another spring tension for a flat $500 fee after 30 nights, and before 90 nights.

Vispring Comfort Promise Details