The Sleep Sound Guarantee®

You can sleep soundly knowing that every product purchased from The Mattress & Sleep Company is brand new and has never been used or slept on. Mattresses, pillows, bedding and towels are intimate, personal use items and we believe you deserve to be assured a new product.

It is our belief that limited-time trial offers do not adequately address the underlying issue of selecting the right mattress for long-term satisfaction. Trial periods tend to increase panic and doubt.

All new mattresses, regardless of their construction, quality or price, experience some degree of break-in period. Additionally, there is a period of time required to acclimate to the new mattress. This is especially true if you've replaced a worn-out, sagging pillow-top style mattress with a mattress crafted from elastic, high-performance materials such as natural latex and pocket springs.

Given adequate time, the first mattress may have actually been the right one, yet the fear of making a mistake results in that mattress being returned before the 60 or 90 night trial has ended. The problem-solving solutions we have available to customers selecting a Berkeley Ergonomics, or Obasan mattress virtually eliminates this panic.

COVID-19 Statement

The Mattress & Sleep Company takes the health and safety of our employees and our customers seriously. Since 2013, we have been one of the only mattress retailers in Canada to offer only brand new, never-slept-on mattresses. To avoid the spread of pathogens, bed bugs, bodily fluids and allergens such as smoke, perfume and pet dander, we do not accept returns on mattresses once they leave our stores or warehouses.

Each customer that visits our stores is provided with a disposable sanitary pillow napkin. Our stores have public washrooms. Our employees and customers are encouraged to wash their hands. Our employees are provided with paid sick leave to ensure they are able to stay home should they have any health concerns.

Anyone that has visited our stores knows that we take pride in presenting immaculate showrooms and facilities. Even with this, we have significantly stepped up our cleaning of sensitive items such as hard surfaces, door handles, light switches, keyboards, phones, et cetera.

We are constantly monitoring this situation as it develops and we will follow any and all guidelines from Canadian authorities.

We're available to help - Make an appointment to visit us!

To ensure appropriate 2 metre social distancing requirements, we are only able to accommodate one household in our stores at a time. We thank you for your understanding.

You are welcome to knock on our door during our temporary 11 am to 5 pm business hours. If we're not currently helping someone else, we will gladly welcome you into our stores.

calgary [at] or (403) 264-3200

edmonton [at] or (780) 436-1212

We're here to help. During these challenging times, we've heard from numerous people who are adapting to the constantly changing environment that we now all find ourselves in. They might be adding a new sleeping space for a relative, or moving into assisted living. They could have a toddler moving into their first big kid bed. Whatever the reason might be, The Mattress & Sleep Company is dedicated to providing solutions to those in need.

Our Calgary and Edmonton warehouses are well stocked with high-performance sleep products from our amazing partner brands. We have a considerable supply of on-hand inventory to help solve your sleep dilemma.

Better than a trial period

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers intelligent comfort adjustment options for several of our partner mattress brands.

Berkeley Ergonomics
Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are constructed with a removable outer cover and replaceable internal components. This allows a great deal of flexibility in addressing comfort concerns throughout the life span of the mattress.

Obasan administers an adjustment period program on all of their adult mattresses. For details on this offering, please contact us.

Vispring offers their Comfort Promise directly to the end purchaser. For details on this offering, please contact us.

Vispring Comfort Promise Details

Trial periods for online bed in a box mattresses

This is easily the most costly and environmentally irresponsible type of trial period offered. Online bed in a box companies do not resell used mattresses as these compressed and rolled mattresses cannot fit back in their original carton once they've been opened. Instead, the retailer will arrange to pick up the mattress and then dispose of the mattress.

The Cost Of Free: Casper Pays A Price For Generous Mattress Returns ( | new tab)

Trial periods at mainstream mattress retailers

Canadian law is very vague about the reselling of used mattresses and bedding products. Retailers which offer a "mattress comfort trial" are reselling customer returned, used mattresses which are cleverly marketed in the following ways.

  • Labelled as a "floor model"
  • Labelled as a "demo model"
  • Labelled as "one left over from the home show"
  • Labelled as "damaged and/or dirty"

It is important to know that the vast majority of mattress manufacturers do not take back used mattresses. And of course it's not economically viable for the retailer to throw away a comfort trial mattress. This is why sleep trial returns are resold.

And that's just mattresses. Smaller items such as pillows are regularly, unsuspectingly, resold as "new" after having been used.

Would you buy a used mattress?

Probably not. Which is why on August 1, 2013 The Mattress & Sleep Company instituted a strict no-return policy on mattresses. Other intimate items such as pillows, towels and bed linens were always treated in this way.

There are too many health risks

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes there are too many health risks associated with reselling a used mattress. There are many variables to consider:

  • Allergy risks such as smoking, pets, perfume and dust mites.
  • Bedbugs, bacteria, bodily fluids.
  • The average person perspires an equivalent of 500 mL each night.

Many of these health risks are especially significant for our customers with extreme chemical or environmental sensitivities.

Display model mattresses are the only exception

Display model mattresses are clearly marked when offered for sale, and are accompanied by a significant price reduction. Because the discount is so significant, we often have waiting lists for our display model mattresses.

Disposable pillow napkins

Guests visiting our Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park stores are provided with disposable pillow napkins to maintain a hygienic experience when laying down on mattresses and pillows.

Competitor price matching

We match or beat competitor pricing on a case-by-case basis. Every situation is unique and by approaching a competitive pricing issue individually, we're better equipped to meet your needs and assure your satisfaction.

If you've discovered another store with what appears to be a lower price, call us Toll Free on 1-877-750-1212, send us a message or visit a store and we'll do our best to help.