Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture can last for generations with the proper care and of course when coupled with a high quality design and building process. The Mattress & Sleep Company searched the entire planet to find the best solid wood furniture manufacturer and we're delighted to work with TEAM 7, global leaders in non-toxic natural wood furniture from Austria.

TEAM 7 Solid Wood Furniture

There are of course hundreds upon hundreds of furniture stores in Canada who offer solid wood furniture. Even with this extensive number of stores, the range of selection and quality is surprisingly small and typically of a substandard quality. It is for these reasons that The Mattress & Sleep Company decided our beliefs and values would easily extend from bedroom and sleep products into other areas of the home.

With this in mind, we believe our solid wood furniture selection is truly unique, and of the best quality. This article will talk about raw materials, ecologically responsible sourcing, board technologies, furniture construction and similar topics. The menu to your left offers all of the various product categories if you'd like to jump right into browsing available solid wood furniture pieces.

TEAM 7 Wood Panel Technologies

Wood is a special material. It is a living, organic, renewable material which calls for special treatment. In order to allow optimum processing of wood, TEAM 7 resorts to old craftsmanship tradition and time-honoured processing methods.

TEAM 7 monitors the entire process, from the tree to the finished furniture. The TEAM 7 sawmill in Hungary and natural wood board-making factory in Pram, along with furniture factories in Ried and Pram are all part of the TEAM 7 value-adding chain. TEAM 7 employs a total workforce of 650 people. Two thirds of them are carpenters with an in-depth understanding of traditional manual skills and craftsmanship. TEAM 7's managing director Hermann Pretzl is responsible for the company's sustained, environmentally-friendly production.

TEAM 7 Panel Types


TEAM 7 Lamellar Panels

Solid wood is either bluntly glued together in full width (long listel) or dovetailed in length and bluntly glued together in width.

Traditional wood connections, such as mortise and tenon joints, dovetail battens, and dovetails counteract the shrinking and warping behavior ("working") of solid wood.

These types of wood panels are found mainly on table tops, furniture bodies, bed sides and cabinet fronts.

To help ensure the aesthetic beauty of the finished solid wood furniture, TEAM 7 have specially trained workers with an eye for detail who carefully match raw pieces of wood for colour, grain, et cetera.

Three Layer Boards

The three-layer board consists of three solid wood layers glued crosswise to one another.

Owing to the layers which are glued at 90° to one another, a so-called sealing effect results and the individual layers can no longer work against each other. Consequently, the three-layer plywood has high strength, size consistency and dimensional stability

For ecological reasons, with regard to a sustainable supply, the central layer can also be executed in a different wood type to that of the top layer. The further advantages that result include increased dimensional stability and possibly lighter weight.

TEAM 7 Three Layer Wood Boards


TEAM 7 Alfa Massiv G3 Board

The newly developed middle layer makes the ALFA.G3 particularly light so that it weighs at least 20 percent less than a solid wood board. The board is easier to transport and process thanks to its lower weight.

The ALFA.G3 panel is found in all TEAM 7 Nox dining and bedroom furniture, in addition to the C3 coffee table among other items.