About Eiderdown

About Eiderdown

Of all the different varieties and qualities of down available, there is absolutely nothing that even approaches the warmth, softness and quality of genuine Eiderdown. It is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer, and more comfortable than anything else in the world. It is so incredibly lightweight that it is literally like sleeping under a warm cloud. Simply said, it is the best.

The male Eider duck (left) is known for his beauty, while the female (above) is known for her highly prized down

In order to always have this type of duvet at his disposal, Christian IV of Denmark had several artificial colonies of these birds created in Northern Norway in 1651, for his personal use and that of the court.

Everybody knows the name "Eiderdown" as the name for a down filled quilt. Hundreds of years ago, many quilts were filled with the down that came from a beautiful northern bird called the Eider Duck. As time passed, "Eiderdown" became the generic name for any down filled comforter. Genuine Eiderdown ceased to be used as a quilt filling about 200 years ago, because the Eider Duck was driven almost to extinction in the quest for its remarkable down.

Today, the Eider Duck is protected by law. Fortunately, the bird plucks down from its breast to line its nest. After the ducklings have permanently left the nest, the down is then carefully collected without disturbing the birds. Only 15 or 20 grams maximum per nest is recovered. The individual Eiderdown plumule has tiny hooks on its fibres, so that each cluster would hold on to the next and prevent it from being blown away when used to build a nest. These hooks have tiny microfilaments that trap the tiniest of air pockets.

Eiderdown is collected from the nests without disturbing the birds

Insulation in down comes not from the down itself, but rather from the air that it traps in pockets. Heat transfers very slowly between the barriers between air pockets. The smaller the pocket means the more barriers, and the better the insulating power. When the air in an Eiderdown duvet is warmed by the sleeper, it holds the heat in far better than any other kind of down. Eiderdowns ability to cling also contributes greatly to its high evenness. Other downs are uneven, with areas of large and small air pockets. Because each Eiderdown cluster is linked to the surrounding clusters, large gaps cannot form. Eiderdown provides an incredibly even, fine layer of insulation that is not even approached by any other material - natural or manmade.

Eiderdown is easily recognized by its clinging ability, and its dark colour

Another important property that the clinging ability gives to Eiderdown is its "shiftlessness". Rather than sliding and shifting around in the duvet chamber, and off the sleeper, Eiderdown stays put where it will do the most good.

For the consumer that demands the very best, there is nothing comparable to the magnificent quality of this heirloom Eiderdown duvet. For years St Genève have made their Eiderdown duvets to be wonderfully comfortable for most people in most conditions. Eiderdown has a broad comfort range, so they are cozy and warm on cold winter nights, and because of its phenomenal breathability, it is incredibly light and airy in the summer.

Most of the world's eiderdown comes from Iceland, Scandinavia, and Canada

Please note that on a hot summer night, nothing is as comfortable as nothing!

An Eiderdown duvet is such a rare item that worldwide, there are more Ferrari's made than genuine Eiderdowns!

The Mattress & Sleep Company is dedicated and committed to finding the correct Eiderdown to suit your needs. Duvets are available in ultra light, light and regular weight, whilst pillows are available in soft, medium and firm. Our specialists are available Toll-Free on 1-877-750-1212 and are happy to help. St Genève is unable to remove filling once it has been added to the duvet and as such we highly recommend choosing an ultra light Eiderdown duvet. Should this fill weight prove to be too cool, we are able to arrange for St Genève to add additional filling.

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