TEAM 7 Loft Extending Table

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European Furniture
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Solid wood in its most attractive form.
Its uncomplicated traditional design is characteristic for our loft table. Pure solid wood and detailed craftsmanship make it a classic among TEAM 7 tables. The loft table is available as a non-extendable or an extendable table with patented 2soft swivel technology. With its integrated insert panels, it can be extended by 60 cm to up to 370 cm in length on one side or on both sides. The loft table also comes with the option of a convenient cutlery drawer.

There are many versions of the loft table. This page is specific to the extending table without silverware drawers. Three common configurations are priced here, while many additional sizes, including custom sizes, are available.


  • Solid European hardwood construction with your choice of hardwood type
  • Offered on this product page in three pre-defined configurations
    • 90 x 130 cm table with 60 cm extension (195 cm total length)
    • 100 x 175 cm table with 60 cm extension (235 cm total length)
    • 110 x 250 cm table with 2x 60 cm extensions (370 cm | 146" | over 12')
  • Choose from a variety of standard widths from 90 to 110 cm
  • Choose from a variety of standard lengths from 160 to 250 cm
  • Custom sizing is available
  • Extension panels are offered in several versions:
    • One 60 cm insert
    • Two 60 cm inserts (one at each end of table). Includes 2soft swivel technology for soft open/close
    • Silverware drawer at one end of table
    • One 60 cm insert at one end and one silverware drawer at the other
    • Silverware drawers at both ends of table
  • Please note that the grain of the add-on panel or insert is not continuous with that of the table top
  • Table top is a 2.5 cm three layer board, with wood grain running on over the face end
  • The wild natural look is characterized by branches and fissures with a dark centre. These features are normal and not defects
  • Table is delivered fully assembled
  • Please note pricing on this page is specifically for a dining table and does not include chairs or other elements
  • Hand made in Austria

Wood Samples

Alder (ER) Beech (BU) Beech Heartwood (BK) Natural Oak (EI) Wild Natural Oak (EIWI) Cherry (KB)
Alder Beech Beech Heartwood Natural Oak Wild Natural Oak Cherry

Walnut (NB) Wild Walnut (NBWI) White Oil Maple (AH-W) White Oil Oak (EI-W) White Oil Wild Oak (EIWI-W)  
Walnut Wild Walnut White Oil Maple White Oil Oak White Oil Wild Oak  

Venetian Oak (EIVE) Swiss Pine (ZI)
Venetian Oak Swiss Pine

Availability & Delivery Estimates

Each and every piece of TEAM 7 furniture is made especially for you in Austria. Please allow 3-5 months from date of order to delivery in your home.

TEAM 7 is available for delivery to our local Calgary and Edmonton area customers. We will consider orders for TEAM 7 furniture outside of our local areas on a case-by-case basis.

Natural Wood Surface Finish

As early as 1980, long before the organic boom, TEAM 7 have crafted ecologically conscious solid wood furniture. TEAM 7 finish their wood surfaces with pure herbal oil and nothing else. There are no stains, lacquers or chemical constituents.

Additional Reading

Sustainability Report | Care Instructions | Repair Instructions | Service and Quality Certificate

Advantage Edition & Clearance Information

As is often the case with made-to-measure products, our stores in Calgary and Edmonton often have a variety of TEAM 7 furniture pieces available for immediate delivery.

  1. Display model clearance - To keep our stores fresh and new, we regularly offer select display model TEAM 7 dining, living and bedroom furniture at substantial savings. See the Calgary and Edmonton clearance lists for currently available pieces.
  2. Stock - Popular TEAM 7 pieces are ordered as 'stock' on a regular basis. These items often pre-sell before they arrive, so please do check with us in-store for availability.
  3. Advantage Edition's - These are special pre-defined items from TEAM 7 available in a limited range of choices, at specially discounted prices. See in-store for more.


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