The Clean Bedroom

The Clean Bedroom, your healthy bedroom. Perhaps more so than any other room in your home, your bedroom is most important. Your bedroom is your sanctuary. A safe place, for rest, relaxation, rejuvenation. For these reasons, the furniture items found in your bedroom should be carefully considered. A healthy, clean bedroom is well organized and inviting.

Whether you're located in Greenwich, CT, Manhattan, NY or Calgary, AB, we hope you'll find this brief guide full of helpful tips on creating the perfect clean bedroom.

Your Bed

The bed should be large enough to accommodate all sleepers; including toddlers fleeing the monsters under their own bed. An adult couple sharing a queen bed are only afforded with three more inches of space as compared to a crib mattress. And this is the best case scenario where each sleeper stays on their side! A king sized mattress is one of the easiest ways to sleep better when sharing your bed.

You should invest in the best possible mattress that your budget allows. Your mattress is the single-most important factor in receiving a deep, restful sleep. The best mattress is one crafted from breathable natural fibres. The average sleeper loses 500 mL to 1 litre of moisture while sleeping. Materials such as sheep's wool are excellent at both wicking and absorbing this perspiration to ensure you remain dry through the night. Wool is also one of the most efficient temperature-regulating materials found in any mattress. Far superior to synthetic "performance fabrics" which only work well in outdoor environments with adequate air flow.

Your Bedding

Although your mattress is the most critical furniture piece for sleeping well, your bedding is also important. Your duvet or blanket should be both large enough and light enough. When a blanket is either too small or too heavy, it will disrupt sleep. Consequently if a duvet or blanket is too large, it will pull at the sides of the bed, which also leads to sleep disruption. Ensure you're choosing the right size duvet for the bed (queen or super queen for queen, king or super king for king). One of the common mistakes is when a king duvet is selected for a queen bed. It's simply too wide and not really appropriate!

Choose breathable sheeting and mattress protectors. Too often, high thread count sheets are selected. Anything over 360-380 thread count is essentially dust mite proof, which means they're not breathable. As an aside, the highest thread count for cotton is just a touch over 400. Be wary of sheets claiming 600, 1,000 or even 2,000 thread count. These are fictitious numbers.

The other item to avoid, unless absolutely required, is a waterproof mattress protector. Waterproofing renders this item air-tight, which leads to significant overheating and perspiration when sleeping. Consider a wool mattress protector should you wish to have some moisture protection for your mattress without resorting to waterproofing. Wool will absorb as much as 40% of it's weight in moisture before it feels wet, making it the perfect moisture protection for your mattress.

Your Occasional Furniture

A bed side table for each side of the bed is the simplest, easiest way to make your bedroom functional at all hours of the day and night. The bed side table should not only be positioned within easy reach, it should also be appropriately tall. Your Austrian solid wood furniture makerTEAM 7 are capable of crafting the perfect night stands from pure hardwood.

Chests of doors and drawers should be large enough to store bedroom-related goods, yet small enough so that they do not overtake the room size nor the impact of a beautifully finished bed.

Any furniture found in the bedroom should be low in harmful emissions. Indoor air quality is already worse than outdoors. This is amplified in the bedroom, which is typically one of the more enclosed areas of the home. Couple this with breathing this air all night and we can easily see why a product such as an Austin Air Purifier is critically important.

Pets, TV's and Tablets

Pets shouldn't sleep with us. Although it's nice to have Wilson the English Foxhound curled up at our feet, studies have shown that a furry companion will easily disrupt your sleep throughout the night. A TV or tablet in the bedroom isn't advisable either. Viewing these bright screens just before bed time is proven to make falling asleep much more difficult. These devices may also negatively impact intimacy with your significant other.

Your Windows

We sleep best in very dark environments. For this reason it is best that your window coverings block as much light as possible. Black-out curtains are a great idea as window blinds often do not block enough light. Sleeping with the window open is often helpful for many people as they often find some light background noise to help them stay asleep. If it's too noisy outdoors, a white noise machine can serve as a respectable alternative.

Your Ensuite

A clean bedroom often features an ensuite. Your adjoining bath should be spa-like. There are easy, reasonable cost ways to spoil yourself every day. Abyss & Habidecor Portuguese towels and rugs are perfect for this purpose. Towels made from pure Giza 70 Egyptian cotton abscond water and wrap you in pure luxury, while stylish, plush bath mats make stepping out of the tub or shower a daily treat.