Twisted Yarns

Twisted Yarns

There are some genuinely good reasons for the production of "twisted yarns". These are threads that are made by taking very fine threads, and twisting them around each other in the same way that rope is made. Actual rope is much stronger made this way than if it was just a bundle of parallel fibers. In the same way, twisted yarns can make a thread that is stronger and smoother than regular thread. Sewing thread is made up of twisted yarns to make it strong enough for stitching.

However, twisted yarns are not appropriate for down proof cloth, as the resulting fabric tends to be heavier and not as soft. It is wonderful for sheets and pillowcases, as it can be quite supple, and is actually thicker feeling than single ply fabrics. Single ply cotton down proof products will go up to 360 TC or so. Silk will go up to about 450 TC. You may find some duvets with thread counts such as 600 - these are twisted yarns, and we don't recommend them.

Twisted yarn sheets however, can be quite wonderful. They will last longer, launder better, and be more resistant to pilling, provided they have been well milled out of long staple cotton. Unfortunately, some mills have been producing very high thread count fabrics by employing twisted yarns made from cheap cotton. As always, you get what you pay for.

In Canada, the law states that thread count is determined by the threads used in the actual weaving - no matter how many yarns or strands make up those threads. USA law is less specific, and thread counts are generally stated by how many yarns or strands went into the fabric. So you may have a fabric legally labeled in Canada as a "two ply 300 thread count", and in the USA it would be labeled as 600 thread count. Please be aware that a lot of packaging in Canada is to USA standards, and is not legal in Canada. If you see a "600 Thread Count" in Canada - it is in all likelihood to be a two or three ply thread.

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