Wesley Allen Millennium Frame

Wesley Allen Millennium™ Frame

The Wesley Allen Millennium™ Frame

Considered the strongest bed frames in the industry, each Wesley Allen Millennium frame is engineered using high gauge steel. Carefully designed to ensure durability and strength, each frame supplies different points of stress support for maximum stability and mattress support.

The Mattress & Sleep Company includes one Millennium Frame with every Wesley Allen bed, including Headboard Only (HO) and Headboard w/ Return Posts (HRP). For customers who already have a sturdy bed frame, we do allow the deletion of the frame when ordering a Headboard only, although we will not delete the frame when you've ordered a Complete Bed. We strongly recommend the Millennium Frame. Generic metal frames are typically not capable of providing the desired strength that Wesley Allen beds are known for.

We are unable to offer the various Wesley Allen Headboard and Footboard configurations without a Millennium Frame. They are an integral part of any complete Wesley Allen bed.

Wesley Allen Slatted Frames

These are available on all Daybeds and Complete Bed Sleeper (CBS) configurations. The slatted frame allows for a mattress to be used without a foundation/boxspring. The low setting rests 8 1/2" from the floor with 8 3/8" of clearance under the bed. This setting would be used for mattress and boxspring together or an ultra thick mattress only. The high setting rests 16" from the floor with 15" of clearance under the bed and is intended for a mattress only configuration. The high setting provides adequate clearance for most pop-up trundle units.

Wesley Allen High Riser/Pop-Up Trundle

Wesley Allen High Riser (Trundle)

The Wesley Allen high riser (pop-up trundle) will accommodate any standard sized twin/single mattress. When stowed beneath a Wesley Allen CBS configuration, mattresses of up to 8" thick may be used. The trundle "pops up" to rest at the same height as the Wesley Allen Slatted Frame for a clean look.