Wool Pillows

Our wool pillows are made from organic sheep's wool or pure camel down. Our wool pillows are hand made in Canada and the USA.

Sleeptek from Ottawa offer a model filled with 100% organic sheep's wool pearls, along with a zippered enclosure to allow the sleeper to add or remove filling to their personal preference.

Berkeley Ergonomic Camel Hair Pillow

Sleeptek Obasan Wool Pillow

Also, be sure to check out our ultra luxury, ultra rare pure camel down from Berkeley Ergonomics of Ontario, California. Soft and cool, this pillow is so comfortable, and exceptionally breathable. Plus, you can add or remove fill, just like the Sleeptek wool pillow.

  • Free organic cotton pillow protector included with every Berkeley and Sleeptek organic wool pillow.
  • Add or remove filling to achieve the perfect support for side, back and stomach sleepers.
  • Free shipping on many of our sheep's wool and camel down pillows to most locations across Canada with inventory on hand for quick delivery or in-store pick up.
  • Helpful advice at our showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton.
  • Industry leading before and after purchase price protection through The Sleep Sound Guarantee®.
Sleeptek Pasha Wool Pillow

Sleeptek Pasha Wool Pillow BEST SELLER

$150.00 to $175.00 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo Pillow

Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo Pillow

$299.00 CAD

Berkeley Ergonomics Wool Pillow

Berkeley Ergonomics Wool Pillow NEW

From $139.99 to $149.99 CAD