Choosing Between Good & Good

Choosing Between Good & Good

Choosing Between Good & Good

You have spent perhaps hours testing mattresses in showrooms, heard plenty of advice, often contradictory. You have had your questions and concerns addressed, conceptual confusion clarified, criteria expanded and then reduced back down to the fundamentally important. You have narrowed down your selection to a few potential candidates, by extension ruling out what was likely hundreds of choices you could have made from local and online retailers.

Yet still, you may find yourself struggling to decide on what mattress to take home. The importance of the decision itself is not only about the money involved; the stakes are higher because sleep is of vital importance to our quality of life. This means that no matter one’s budget, people may find themselves slightly paralyzed to pull the trigger. Not buying a new mattress is also a choice that carries its own cost, in a different form of ‘currency’.

Perhaps some of us yearn for the freedom of choice to be limited, spurning the wealth of options made possible through competitive markets. Hoping to be relieved of the ‘burden’ of making the choice between good and good. If only the options were clearly bad and good, this would be easier to choose.

Some of us may also rationalize not participating in the testing process altogether, often stating ‘I can’t possibly know which will work until I sleep on it’. I used to get defensive about this premise, now I simply accept it and run with it to ruthless logical consistency. The truth is that even if someone has a mattress delivered, and we get what I consider the best possible result, a glowing review from the client ‘Best money ever spent, most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on’. Even in this scenario the client would still not actually know with certainty that they chose the best possible option in our stores. The experiment will not be repeated under the same conditions.

We have very high standards for our products. Our clients are choosing at the margins of good vs good. And after all there is no flag sticking out of the mattress telling the client that ‘this is it, que sera sera’.

From another aspect I hope we have made it easier to choose, knowing that the one thing we can do is have rational standards and principles in mattress design that significantly lowers the risk of someone ending up with a ‘bad choice’. Further helping are our Zippered Forever Beds, which allow us to make adjustments to the mattress at any time in the future.

Very few people ever find an elastic mattress uncomfortable, on occasion we must tweak the firmness to clients taste after the fact. We have great tools in the tool kit to accomplish this task. So please take the pressure off yourself of making the ‘perfect choice’. Don’t punish yourself for not being omniscient, but rather a fallible human being making a choice between good & good.