About Vita Talalay Latex

About Vita Talalay Latex

About Vita Talalay Latex

Radium, the makers of Vita Talalay latex, acquired the Talalay production rights all the way back in 1961. This makes Radium one of the oldest, most experienced latex producers in the world. Prior to 1961, Radium produced standard Dunlop latex starting in 1932. The factory has always been located in Maastricht in The Netherlands.

Vita Talalay Natural Latex

Where to Find Vita Talalay

The Mattress & Sleep Company works with Berkeley Ergonomics. They are our exclusive provider of Vita Talalay latex. We offer a variety of all-Vita Talalay mattresses along with hybrid style models featuring Vita Talalay latex combined with European pocket coils.

Our stores are located in Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park . Local delivery & in-home setup are offered without additional charge, and freight delivery to virtually everywhere else in Canada is also included at no extra cost.

Breathability - Vita Talalay vs Memory Foam

Vita Talalay latex is the most breathable foam cushioning found in any mattress today. The consistent, round cell structure allows for maximum air circulation. Other foams, including polyurethane foams, memory foams and even many varieties of latex foam, have uneven, random cell structures. These inconsistent cell structures mean that as the foam is compressed, air simply does not have available pathways to escape the material. This is not the case with Vita Talalay.

Vita Talalay Latex vs Dunlop Latex

Vita Talalay latex is superior to Dunlop latex in every measurable way. The key difference is in the cell structure of the foam. Vita Talalay is made up of a remarkably consistent, round, even cell structure. Dunlop latex, however, is made up of a very random cell structure with cells of varying sizes. This seemingly small difference results in several drastic differences:

  1. As you compress the latex, Dunlop firms up significantly. Vita Talalay maintains appropriate, gentle firmness as it is compressed. This is the key factor in avoiding the pressure point issues that are common with other latex varieties, especially for those who sleep on their side.
  2. The consistent, round, even cell structure found in Vita Talalay means that this material is considerably more elastic than Dunlop latex. Given that elasticity is the single most important attribute in determining the performance of a mattress, this is a critical difference between Vita Talalay and Dunlop latex.
  3. When air travels through Dunlop foam, it runs out of pathways. This means it is not very breathable. When you compress Dunlop, this phenomenon is even more apparent as these pathways close off much easier under the weight of a sleeper. Vita Talalay remains exceptionally breathable as the pathways remain open, even under compression.

Energy Test - Vita Talalay vs Memory Foam

The video below shows a device which compares memory foam with Vita Talalay latex. The ball represents the human body. Vita Talalay latex is extremely resilient and maintains your kinetic energy. By contrast, memory foam lets it go to waste. Memory foam makes it more difficult to turn over when you sleep. It is very important to move freely during sleep because it relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and relieves the back.

Bounce Test - Vita Talalay vs Memory Foam

Without realizing it, we turn over up to 40 times per night. Similar to the Energy Test above, this video demonstrates why turning over on a Vita Talalay latex mattress is far easier than it is on memory foam.


Vita Talalay possesses many certifications. Among these, Cradle-to-Cradle gold certification is perhaps the most impressive. C2C addresses many critical topics including Material Health (knowing the chemical ingredients of every material in a product, and optimizing towards safer materials), Material Re-utilization (designing products made with materials that come from and can safely return to nature or industry), Renewable Energy & Carbon Management (Envisioning a future in which all manufacturing is powered by 100% clean renewable energy), Water Stewardship (Manage clean water as a precious resource and an essential human right) and Social Fairness (Design operations to honour all people and natural systems affected by the creation, use, disposal or reuse of a product).

Featured Vita Talalay Products

Here are three of our best-selling mattresses and pillows featuring Vita Talalay latex:

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