Mattress Toppers

A high-quality mattress topper is often the perfect solution to either improve the comfort of an existing mattress or even enhance a brand-new mattress. The best mattress toppers are those which will not only make a mattress "comfortable" (softer), but should also enhance pressure relief, balance temperature and regulate humidity. When a topper provides these benefits, you'll toss and turn less which results in more rested sleep.

Not sure where to start? Our best-seller is the Berkeley Ergonomics Latex Pillow Top. This topper is pure luxury!

Why should I add a mattress topper?

There are three situations where adding a mattress topper is potentially a great solution:

  • Your existing mattress is in good condition with no dips or sags and is currently too firm for you.
  • Your new mattress is designed to last 10 or more years. A topper will help to preserve the outer materials of a new mattress and will also keep your mattress more hygienic.
  • You've chosen the softest possible mattress and you simply need something even softer. You'll want to go with the St Geneve Estate Goose Down Mattress Topper in this situation.

When is a mattress topper a bad idea?

A mattress topper generally cannot make a mattress firmer. There are some limited examples where a mattress topper might create more surface tension. In these limited circumstances, this increased surface tension will provide the sensation of increased firmness.

This is a rare outcome and we highly recommend talking to a team member before proceeding with any topper with the expectation of this result.

A mattress topper cannot fix a mattress that is worn out and sagging. Generally speaking, all a topper will do when placed on such a mattress is accentuate the sagging and make it even more noticeable.