Berkeley Ergonomics Mattresses

Made in Ontario, California with premium European components, Berkeley Ergonomics has developed a reputation for crafting high-performance mattresses that represent excellent value for money. The construction of a Berkeley Ergonomics mattress is quite unlike anything else available in Canada.

  • Stretch-knit organic cotton outer coverings - flexible and comfortable
  • Plein-Air French wool (wool sourced from sheep who live outdoors year-round)
  • Vita Talalay by Radium - genuinely the best latex made today
  • Camel down in select models - We use just the inner portion of the camel hair, which is ultra-soft and possesses incredible properties
  • Zippered Forever Beds - nearly every Berkeley Ergonomics mattress features individually replaceable components that may be turned and rotated
  • Berkeley Ergonomics (California-based) is a family-run business, just like The Mattress & Sleep Company (Alberta-based)
  • Our stores in CalgaryEdmonton, and Sherwood Park display virtually every model and firmness choice. Our warehouses in Calgary and St. Albert have a considerable inventory of all best-sellers for quick delivery to local customers in Alberta.

Exceptionally Elastic

The Mattress & Sleep Company and Berkeley Ergonomics believe in The Elastic Bed Principle. Simply put, a highly elastic mattress is more durable and supportive.

Modular Design

Nearly all Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses are modularly designed. These models feature a zippered outer cover, which provides several significant advantages over typical mattress construction:

  1. The interior components are accessible
  2. The mattress may be easier to move by separating the individual components and moving them separately
  3. Select internal components may have the ability to be flipped or rotated
  4. It is easier to solve a comfort or support issue as components can either be re-arranged or replaced with entirely different components
  5. If a specific component were to suffer premature wear, it is possible to replace the problematic layer at a much lower cost than replacing the entire mattress. If you've ever experienced a warranty issue with a traditional mattress, you'll immediately understand the benefit of being able to take your mattress apart!
  6. It is difficult to predict your needs in the future. You may find a "firm" mattress works well for you today, yet you may require a softer mattress 5 years from now. Individually replaceable components provide a lower-cost solution to these types of situations.

Popular Models In Stock

Our warehouses in Calgary and St. Albert keep Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses stocked in popular sizes including Twin XL, Queen and King. Most mattress models are offered in several firmness choices, and we generally stock each available firmness.

If we run out of stock, or if you need a size we do not regularly keep in our inventory, or if you're not located in our local delivery area, lead times are typically 4-6 weeks.