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Flippable & Reversible Mattresses

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers Canada's largest selection of high-performance flippable and reversible mattresses. The simple fact is that a two-sided mattress lasts longer than a non-flip mattress. Our selection of mattresses that may be turned or flipped fall into two categories:

Visit our family-owned and operated stores in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park. We will spend the time to understand your needs and recommend the best possible solutions to start you on the path to deep restorative sleep. 

The Best Flippable Mattress Design

Flippable Natural Mattress Flippable Organic Mattress

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes the best method of making a mattress reversible is the way in which Berkeley Ergonomics and Obasan mattresses are designed.

These two brands construct their mattresses with a zippered cover that allows access to the components contained within. There are several large advantages to this style of mattress construction:

  • Transparency: You're able to verify the manufacturer's claims of what is inside the mattress.
  • Ease of moving: A good mattress is really heavy! A zippered mattress with individual components may be disassembled and moved in pieces. In many cases, this allows even a king mattress to be moved by one person.
  • Ease of flipping: Yes, two-sided mattresses last longer than their one-sided counterparts. Our Berkeley Ergonomics and Obasan mattresses are easy to flip. Simply unzip the top cover and then rearrange, flip and/or rotate the individual natural latex layers.
  • Replaceable components: While it's great to construct high-quality two-sided mattresses that last 10 or more years, the reality is that our bodies do change as we age. What is working for you today might not work in 5 years. Berkeley Ergonomics and Obasan mattresses allow for existing components to be rearranged or entirely replaced, allowing you to refresh and improve your mattress as time goes on. 

Replaceable interior mattress components