Pillow Protectors

A pillow protector acts in the same way as a mattress protector. It's the washable layer beneath a standard pillowcase, designed to limit allergens in your pillow. Pillow protectors also better protect the pillow from excess moisture, which means your pillow will last longer. In fact, a good pillow protector will extend the usable, hygienic life of most pillows by 50 to 100%.

  1. Good to know: All of our pillow protectors are made from natural fabrics sourced from Germany and Spain.
  2. Perspire a lot but don't want waterproof? St Dormeir by St Genève is perfect. It's wool lined, so it'll absorb a ton of moisture without overheating as waterproof protectors can often do.
  3. Dust mite allergies? St Genève's Care Allergy pillow protector is dust mite, bed bug, and down proof. Pure German-milled cotton, no chemical finishes.
  4. Organic? No problem. St Geneve and Berkeley Ergonomics both have fantastic choices that are certified organic.