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Latex Mattresses

Looking for a natural latex foam mattress? All latex foam is marketed as natural, when in fact most latex is synthetically blended or made entirely from petrochemicals. In addition, not all-natural rubber tree latex is created equal. There are significant quality differences among natural and organic latex producers. For these reasons, we are very cautious about where we source our natural and organic latex from. We do not consider a synthetic blended latex mattress natural, even though it might have natural content.

  • Berkeley Ergonomics - Entirely natural Vita Talalay latex which is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 and Cradle to Cradle gold certified
  • Obasan - Organic Dunlop rubber tree latex mattresses, Made in Canada
  • Friendly, helpful latex foam mattress experts and free local delivery from our showrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park.

This collection showcases our most popular all-latex foam mattresses. Head over to our pocket coil mattress collection to check out spring mattresses with latex on top. 

Would you like to learn about the difference between a synthetic latex mattress and a natural latex mattress? Read our in-depth guide About Latex Foam, where you'll learn about the differences between Talalay Latex and Dunlop Latex, as well as the differences between natural and synthetic latex.