Boxsprings & Foundations

A quality box spring is a crucial component of a good night's rest. While most foundations are simply rigid boxes placed beneath the mattress, a genuine box spring (Harrison Spinks) or suspension foundation (Berkeley Ergonomics standalone or in a TEAM 7 wood bedframe) is designed to enhance the comfort, support, and pressure relief of any mattress.

We recommend reading our boxspring & platform bed guide. In this guide, you'll find detailed information on the function a boxspring serves, and an entire section devoted to platform-style bed support systems.

In this collection, we offer four main types of mattress supports:

Metal Bedframes

Although they've become quite rare, we do offer simple metal bed frames to support standard boxspring types. These are stocked in our Calgary & Edmonton warehouses and are typically between $70 and $200, depending on the quality and size required. We'll assemble your bedframe at no extra cost when it's delivered with your new mattress.

Our metal bedframes are Made in Canada by Beaudoin.

Metal Bedframe in Canada Metal Bedframe in Canada