Large Item Delivery Details

Oversized items including mattresses, electric adjustable beds and furniture require delivery by truck. The two types of service for these large items are "in-home" and "curb-side."

Deluxe in-home setup is a complimentary, no-cost service on all large item deliveries in the Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park areas.



Deluxe In-Home Setup (Calgary & Edmonton Metropolitan Areas)

This service is always included at no extra cost for large item orders in our local delivery areas.

The typical in-home setup process includes bringing all items into the room(s) of your choice, where we will then unpack everything and perform any basic assembly such as building a bed frame or attaching a headboard to a frame. When we're done, the delivery crew will remove all unwanted packaging materials.

Our delivery partners will work with you to establish a 3-hour delivery window and will also call 15-30 minutes ahead of their arrival to further narrow the window.

Our local delivery crews are capable of performing many other services including: moving furniture to a different room, removing unwanted furniture, taking an existing piece of furniture and delivering it to another residence, and much more. Most of these services require a price quotation ahead of delivery time as many of these tasks can be rather time consuming.

Mattress removal is offered at a flat rate of $50. We will remove all unwanted mattress(es), boxspring(s) and basic metal bed frames. This service is only available when our local delivery companies are utilized, and only at the time of delivering your new mattress.

If you have items beyond a mattress, boxspring or simple metal bed frame requiring removal, special arrangements must be made and additional charges will apply.

Large Item Delivery Costs

Calgary & Edmonton Metropolitan Areas - Free
Delivery of all large items is free of charge in our local delivery areas. Please see above for a full description of services offered.

Our delivery companies do travel outside our local areas on request. We frequently provide our In-Home Service to customers in locations such as Canmore, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Fort McMurray and of course just about anywhere in Alberta. Please contact us for details as costs can vary.


Elsewhere in Canada - Free*
Truck delivery of large items to areas outside of Calgary & Edmonton is included at no extra cost, with a few exceptions noted on this page.

Delivery to locations outside of our local delivery areas is a basic curb-side truck freight delivery. This means the truck has only one driver, and the driver would only be responsible for bringing your order to the back of their truck, where you would then take over responsibility of unloading the shipment without the help of the driver. (Some drivers will help you unload, but this should not be counted on and we would recommend tipping drivers that go above and beyond).

We do request a delivery appointment to be made, however, these appointments are not typically a short time period as they would be for our local customers. Many freight companies offer "all day" appointments, such as 8 am to 5 pm, and they typically only deliver Monday-Friday.

Please keep in mind that mattresses can be extremely heavy. You must have two strong, capable adults to safely move large furniture and mattresses.

If you're wanting a higher level of service, our recommendation is to hire a local mover to either accept the shipment and then deliver to you, or to arrange for the freight company to hold your order at their local freight depot, where your hired mover can then pick up your order and deliver to you. Any such arrangements are at your own cost.


Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Newfoundland & Labrador
All shipments which are too large to ship via courier and are destined for the above provinces and territories, are quoted on a case-by-case basis.


TEAM 7 is available for delivery to our local Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park area customers. We will consider orders for TEAM 7 furniture outside of our local areas on a case-by-case basis. Typical freight costs on TEAM 7 start at $1,000 per cubic metre, with a 1 cubic metre ($1,000) minimum charge.


Wesley Allen

Free delivery and in-home setup in our local Calgary & Edmonton delivery areas. Room must be empty and ready for our team to assemble the bed. Extra fees apply if moving existing mattresses or furniture.

We no longer deliver Wesley Allen outside of Alberta.


*Remote Location & Freight Depot Deliveries

Issuing additional charges and freight depot service are only used as a "last-resort." Because Canada is such a beautiful, gigantic country with a relatively small population, there are many remote locations where trucks may not go as often, or at all. And even when they do go there, they might charge extreme amounts of money to do so. In the event that we find ourselves in this position, we promise to clearly communicate the logistical challenges with you, and to work with you to come up with a solution. The nearest freight depot is sometimes the most economical option.

Rest assured, we do have the capabilities to ship an order just about anywhere. In fact, we once flew a mattress from the Edmonton International Airport to Cambridge Bay, Nunavut via a small cargo plane! We've shipped to Europe, Mexico, the Caribbean, Australia, Asia and Africa. Anything is possible.


Calgary Delivery Area Map


Edmonton Delivery Area Map