Down Duvets

A white goose down duvet from St Genève is regarded as one of the finest goose down duvets in the world. Our range of down comforters are Made in Canada with genuine down-proof and dust mite-proof tickings.

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  • Quick Down Duvet Buying Tips

    To provide yourself with the highest chances of selecting the right down duvet, here are a few tips:


    Loft (fill power) is a classification for the insulating power of the down. If the down is "800 loft" this means 1 ounce of down represents 800 cubic inches of volume. The larger the volume, the more insulating power the down offers.

    By choosing a higher loft, the duvet does not require as much fill to offer the same overall level of warmth. This is easy to see in the product specifications - an 850 loft Lajord queen summer duvet has 14 ounces of fill, while a 1,000 loft Embassy queen summer duvet only requires 10 ounces of fill to offer a comparable level of warmth.

    Warmth Level

    Choose a cooler duvet such as an ultralight or summer duvet. St Geneve down duvets are designed in such a way that the duvet can be sent back to the factory in Richmond, BC to have additional down added to the European baffle boxes. There is a cost for this service, but it is reasonable.

    However, as the chambers only work in one direction, it is not possible to remove down. For this reason, a cooler fill weight is a better choice to start with.

    Availability & Purchasing Advice

    The following St Geneve duvets are "quick ship" (either stocked in one of our Alberta stores or at St Geneve's Richmond, BC facility) for faster delivery.

    How to Wash a Down Comforter

    The Mattress & Sleep Company recommends Le Blanc Down Wash for laundering all of your down duvets, pillows, jackets, sleeping bags and more.


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    History and Tradition

    With over 50 years of unmatched industry experience and passion, St Geneve bring you the highest quality down from the world's most reputable and ethical sources.

    St Geneve's passion for down has earned them a reputation as one of the best down houses in the world. Known for their quality and authenticity, this small specialized company has been working with the rarest and most exquisite down from all over the world for decades. Sewn in Canada, St Geneve pillows and duvets are handcrafted with the unparalleled mastery and meticulous attention to detail that comes from over 50 years of industry experience. Their reputation was formally recognized when St Geneve's founder, Michael de la Place, was asked to serve as the president of the Down Association of Canada in 1997. For over 20 years he brought a wealth of industry knowledge to the role and is credited with elevating the ethical and environmental standards of the Canadian down industry.