TEAM 7 Essentials Editions

TEAM 7 Essentials Editions are a curated range of TEAM 7 dining, living and sleeping furniture pre-configured in popular sizes and material choices. The advantage of an Essentials Edition piece is that we pass on a lower price for high-volume items that are produced in identical finishes on a regular basis.

While we do stock select TEAM 7 pieces in our Calgary warehouse, please keep in mind that the majority of these items are not in stock and are made to order by TEAM 7 in Austria.

Essential Savings

The Mattress & Sleep Company believes TEAM 7 manufactures some of the very best furniture available anywhere in the world today. TEAM 7's unique advantages literally begin at the tree sapling. By owning and managing their own forests, and even their own sawmill, TEAM 7 is able to control their production process literally from start to finish.

These competitive advantages are amplified in the Essentials collection.

Magnum Dining Set - Essentials Edition

Perhaps the most striking example of the savings offered by the Essentials Editions is in our best-selling Magnum dining set.

This set is made up of the following:

Purchased on their own, these items would total $31,345 CAD. When purchased as the Essentials Edition, the price is $20,999, for a savings of $10,346, or about 33%.