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Serenity Silk Hair Care Pillowcase
Serenity Silk Hair Care Pillowcase
Serenity Silk Hair Care Pillowcase
Serenity Silk Hair Care Pillowcase

Serenity Silk Hair Care Pillowcase

$94.00 CAD

Curly hair? We care! Curly hair girls absolutely love these hair-saving pillowcases. The secret is in silk's moisture retention. Moisture-rich silk fibres prevent your hair from becoming frizzy, and can even help keep skin wrinkles at bay.

Serenity silk pillowcases are also available in complete bedding packages including duvet covers, sheet sets and more.

A unique blend of silk and cotton protects your hair while you sleep. Your hair will glide over the soft silk surface, minimizing tangles and knots, while the cotton base adds stability, strength and washability to the pillowcase.

Each pillowcase comes gift-wrapped in a luxurious gift box. Packaged in singles.

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Product Details

  • 55% silk / 45% cotton
  • Fabric type: Sateen
  • Cotton backing material adds stability, strength and washability to the fabric
  • Sold individually
  • Presented in an attractive gift box
  • Sewn in Richmond, BC - fabric is imported

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