Mattress Pads & Protectors

Your mattress protector or mattress pad, is one of the single most important items, contributing to the healthiest sleeping environment. A high-quality protector will reduce the build-up of bothersome allergens, will regulate temperature, and wick away excess moisture. There are even waterproof varieties for those seeking a moisture barrier for their mattress.

The Mattress & Sleep Company offers a complete range of protectors designed to enhance your sleep and protect your mattress investment.

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Not sure where to begin? The St Dormeir Mattress Pad by St Genève is the number one selling item (by quantity) in our entire store and is a must-add to any mattress without wool. Concerned about wool allergies? No problem! Our wool is processed the correct way, and will not cause skin sensitivity issues.

For those who already have lots of wool in their mattress, the Berkeley Ergonomics Organic Mattress Protector is amazing! It is not quilted like a typical protector and is crafted from stretch-knit organic cotton.