How to Buy a Down Duvet

How to Buy a Down Duvet

How to Buy a Down Duvet

Not sure which St Genève duvet is the right choice for you? St Genève have crafted this guide to help with the process. As always, The Mattress & Sleep Company is also available Toll-Free on 1-877-750-1212 to answer any additional questions.

Choose The Right Quality

There is virtually nothing that will serve you for so many hours in a day; every day every week, every month, for decades. There is nothing that you will use so closely and personally that will comfort you so completely.

A high quality duvet will outlast a television, fridge, mattress, stove, and even a car. In terms of actual use, a car will last perhaps around 12,000 hours, a quality duvet around 75,000 (assuming that you take good care of both and there is about 250,000 miles on the car).

Given proper care, a high quality duvet will last for 20, 25, 30 years or more. Then it can be recovered into a new casing and last for even longer. It will be a pleasure to use each and every night. A cheap, low quality duvet will last perhaps 3 years, and will not be a pleasure to use, therefore they are not only cheap, just very poor value.

Higher quality duvets will provide a wider comfort range; they will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer than lower quality duvets. This is because higher quality down is better at all the things that down is famous for (such as insulation, lightness, breathability, etc) than lower quality down.

The table below shows how this works. (Remember: optimal sleeping temperatures are of approximately 15-17° Celcius)


Down Duvet Temperature Range


Higher quality down proof fabrics also contribute to better breathability. If a fabric is thin and light it will be more flexible and breathable. St Genève duvet fabrics range from approximately 100 to 130 grams per metre. Most other duvet fabrics, including many offered by The Mattress & Sleep Company are in the range of 180 to 270 grams per metre. A significant difference!

Choose The Right Weight

These duvets are recommended for average or cold sleepers in cool to cold bedrooms. Winter duvets are guaranteed to be warm enough for a period of 10 years, or St Genève will add more down at no charge (providing that the duvet has been properly cared for, and a duvet cover has been used at all times). Please note that down cannot be removed from a duvet.

These duvets are recommended for warm sleepers, and for heated bedrooms. Classic weight duvets are usually a good choice for most sleepers when selecting Laroche or Estate duvets as these have a much lower fill power than the other duvets in the range.

These duvets are recommended for very warm sleepers, in warm conditions or when selecting a high-loft down (850+). Summer weight duvets are our most popular choice.

Ultra Light
An ultra light duvet offers even less fill than a summer duvet and is a great choice if selecting an extremely high loft down with a fill power of 800+. Choose an ultra light duvet if you're a hot sleeper or if you desire the lightest possible duvet.

Dual Zone
He's hot, she's not. St Genève will make a duvet with different weights on the two sides, for example; a lightweight on one side, and a regular on the other. Every duvet we offer has these dual zone options available for purchase directly on our website.

Choose The Right Size

St Genève make their duvets to fit on typical mattresses with about 12" hanging over the sides and foot. This is so that when one person gets into their twin bed, or two people get into their double, queen, or king bed, the duvet will be able to be pulled up to settle down around the sleepers without dragging over the side of the bed. If you put too big a duvet on the bed (say, a king sized duvet on a queen bed), it will hang over the side of the bed, and the sleeper will be pulling against this weight through the night, making for a less comfortable sleep.

St Genève Duvet Dimensions

Twin/Single 72 x 88" 185 x 225 cm
Double/Full* 80 x 86" 205 x 220 cm
Queen 90 x 94" 230 x 240 cm
Super Queen* 100 x 100" 255 x 255 cm
California King* 100 x 96" 255 x 245 cm
King 108 x 94" 275 x 240 cm
Super King 114 x 100" 290 x 255 cm

* - Special order sizes. Surcharge applies.

High Profile Duvet Covers

High profile duvet covers are an excellent option. These still use a standard queen or king duvet, and simply incorporate an extra 4" of flanged fabric around the sides and bottom of the duvet.

Still not sure where to start? These are our best-sellers

Our best-selling St Geneve duvets (by quantity sold):

  1. St Geneve Maple Creek - The best farm-raised down in Canada. This model features a German ELS cotton shell and is exclusive to TMASC.
  2. St Geneve Estate - A fantastic Polish down duvet offered at a very attractive price.
  3. St Geneve Laroche - Canadian farm-raised duck down at an amazing price point.

How to Wash Down Duvets

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