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Wool Duvets

Our wool duvets are crafted from pure sheep's wool. Every wool comforter from all of our wonderful brands is fully natural with zero synthetic content. Every wool duvet we offer is Made in Canada or France.

  • Exclusive Mérinos d’Arles Antique® wool, the finest sheep's wool, found in the Brun de Vian-Tiran Camargue Duvet.
  • Free shipping on wool duvets and wool comforters to most locations across Canada with inventory on hand in popular sizes.
  • Helpful advice at our showrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park.

French Wool Comforters

The most incredible wool-filled duvet in the world. Choice of three fill-weights for different sleep environments. Filled with 100% Mérinos d’Arles Antiques® wool. This is a special sheep's wool exclusive to Brun de Vian-Tiran which is as fine as cashmere, without the price of cashmere.

Natura Wool Duvet

Natura wool comforters are offered in a mid-weight fill suitable for year-round use in most situations. Choose from three wool duvet types:

  • Classic - all-natural
  • Washable - processed wool that allows careful machine laundering
  • Organic - certified organic cotton shell & wool fill

Obasan Wool Duvet

Certified organic duvets, Made in Canada. Choice of three fill-weights. Obasan wool duvets have a unique design that allows two duvets to be joined together. A popular way to benefit from this design is to purchase two light-weight (summer) filled duvets and then use one of the duvets in the warmer months, and then double them up in the cold months of the year.