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Le Blanc Dryer Sachets
Le Blanc Dryer Sachets
Dryer Sachet - Lavender Lady
Dryer Sachet - Lavender Lady
Dryer Sachets - Floral Fusion
Dryer Sachets - Floral Fusion
Dryer Sachet - Portfolio
Dryer Sachet - Portfolio

Dryer Sachets

$29.00 CAD

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Use Le Blanc® Dryer Sachets to safely scent your finest laundry items in your home dryer in place of polyester dryer sheets. Unlike traditional dryer sheets our dryer sachets prevent piling, will not leave any oily residue, and will last for a minimum of 25 dryer cycles.

Simply toss one sachet into the dryer with wet linens, sheets, towels and apparel. Unlike dryer sheets which only last for one dry cycle, Le Blanc sachets are reusable for at least 25 dry cycles per sachet.

Sold individually and available in Original (Floral Fusion) or Portfolio scents.

Suggested Usage
This product should be used in place of traditional dryer sheets which leave an oily film on fine linens as well as causes them to pill.

Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

Virtually all laundry products are in-stock for quick delivery or for pickup from one of our stores in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park.

Le Blanc laundry products are almost always in stock. In rare situations where we run out of a specific item, replenishment inventory is on the way.

Eucalan is stocked in all fragrances in 4 litre jugs. We also stock Lavender and Unscented in 500 mL bottles. 4 litre jugs are generally shipped to you directly from Eucalan in Ontario.

The General Bean wool dryer balls are always in-stock in all of our stores. In-store customers may choose the colour for each dryer ball. Online customers will receive a random assortment of colours.

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