Harrison Spinks Luxury Bed Manufacturer – The Mattress & Sleep Co.

Harrison Spinks

The Mattress & Sleep Company is excited to announce that we will be introducing Luxury UK Bed Manufacturer Harrison Spinks in Canada in early 2022. 

Established in 1840, Harrison Spinks is a fifth-generation family business. There are three generations of the Spinks family still active in the business today.

Harrison Spinks manufacture their own pocket springs in-house with an innovative glue-free system that is 100% recyclable.

In 2009, Harrison Spinks purchased their own farm, just 18 miles from their factory in Leeds. On the 300 acre farm, they rear prize sheep and grow their own hemp and flax.

There will be plenty more to show here as we get closer. For now, here is a preview of the models that will be on display in our Alberta stores in early 2022.

Harrison Spinks Euston Natural Bed

Harrison Spinks Northumberland Luxury Mattress

Harrison Spinks Trafalgar Luxury Mattress