Berkeley Ergonomics Bedding

Berkeley Ergonomics is a specialty manufacturer of high-performance natural mattresses and bedding, located in Ontario, California. Made with premium European materials, each Berkeley Ergonomics pillow and mattress topper is designed to help you maximize your rest each night.

  • Some of the materials found in Berkeley Ergonomics bedding include:
    • Stretch-knit organic cotton from Germany
    • Plein-Air French wool (wool sourced from sheep who live outdoors year-round)
    • Vita Talalay by Radium - genuinely the best latex made today
  • Berkeley Ergonomics (California-based) is a family-run business, just like The Mattress & Sleep Company (Alberta-based)
  • Our stores in Calgary,Edmonton, and Sherwood Park display virtually every Berkeley Ergonomics product, and all popular models and sizes are in-stock to take home with you
  • Free shipping across Canada on all orders of $100 or more