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The Sleep Sound Guarantee®

Our Philosophy

You can sleep soundly knowing that The Mattress & Sleep Company does not accept customer returns on opened or used textile items including bedding, pillows and towels, therefore ensuring you receive a new item that has never been used.

All Sales are Final: We are unable to provide a refund on any goods that have been picked up or delivered. Please visit our Returns, Refunds & Deposits Policy page for more details.

TMASC's Mattress Trial

A rational alternative to a typical trial period

Our mattress exchange policies have been carefully crafted to avoid passing on costs to our customers who do not require a comfort adjustment.

Berkeley Ergonomics & t•masc (Obasan)

Berkeley Ergonomics and t•masc (Obasan) mattresses are not returnable.

However, one of the greatest benefits offered by Berkeley Ergonomics and t•masc (Obasan) mattresses is the ability to unzip the mattress and replace individual components to change the comfort and support.

As these can be modified at any time over their lifespan, we call these mattresses Zippered Forever Beds™.

We offer the following comfort adjustment programme on all Berkeley Ergonomics* and t•masc (Obasan) mattresses:

  • 1 no-cost component exchange** between 30 and 120 nights from the date of delivery. The exchanged component may be either latex or pocket springs, depending on the specific mattress model.
  • Berkeley Ergonomics also offer the option to purchase a wool insulator pad that is placed inside of the top cover to firm the sleeping surface, as well as a 1" soft latex layer that can similarly be placed inside of the top cover to soften the sleeping surface. Please see in-store for more details.
  • From 120 nights through 365 nights, replacement components may be purchased at a special 50% discount from the prevailing retail price.
  • From year 2 through to the end of year 10, replacement components may be purchased at a 25% discount from the prevailing retail price.
  • Any original components you choose to replace after the 120 night trial are yours to keep.
  • A $100 service fee applies should you require an in-home delivery/exchange. We do not charge a fee for customers picking up/exchanging components at one of our warehouses.

*The Berkeley Ergonomics Kangaroo, Stockholm & Independence mattress models, as well as the t•masc They Grow Up Mattress model are not eligible for a component exchange.

**Exchanged components must be returned in good condition as these will be repurposed.

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks crafts the best luxury (natural, foam-free, hand-made) mattresses in the world. Harrison Spinks micro spring technology makes their hand-tufted mattresses more substantial and comfortable than their contemporaries.

Harrison Spinks own and operate their own farm at Hornington Manor, build their own pocket spring machines, draw their own wire, weave their own mattress tickings and process their own natural fibres, they are considerably more vertically integrated than virtually any other mattress manufacturer. The result is a substantial advantage in value-for-money, innovation and quality when compared to all other hand-made natural beds.

Harrison Spinks mattresses are selected in a spring tension of the client’s choosing (medium, firm, extra firm). We offer exchanges in a limited context on Harrison Spinks mattresses:

  • Harrison Spinks exchange privileges are available to our local customers only.
  • A mattress protector must be purchased on the original mattress invoice and must be used at all times.
  • An exchange must be initiated between 30 and 120 nights from the date of delivery.
  • Exchanges are only available on Queen, King and Zippered Split King.
  • Split firmness (ie: half medium/half firm) Queen and King mattresses are ineligible for exchange.
  • A 25% restocking fee will be levied against the prevailing Retail Price of the exchanged mattress.
  • If the replacement mattress is priced lower than the returned mattress, we will issue an in-store credit for the difference (less the 25% restocking fee).
  • Rips, stains or any such wear & tear invalidate this exchange privilege.


In an effort to ensure that our Paarizaat bed in a box mattresses are priced as low as possible, all sales are final.

Adjustable Beds, Boxsprings & Toppers

Mattresses Outside of Our Local Trade Area

If you’re not located within our local delivery areas (Calgary & Edmonton), we are unable to offer returns, exchanges, or refunds on any of our mattresses.

In lieu of a trial, we provide the following solutions to our customers located outside of our local area, on all eligible Berkeley Ergonomics* and t•masc (Obasan) mattresses:

  • From 30 nights through 365 nights, replacement components may be purchased at a special 50% discount from the prevailing retail price.
  • From year 2 through to the end of year 10, replacement components may be purchased at a 25% discount from the prevailing retail price.
  • Any original components you choose to replace are yours to keep.
  • The real cost of freight will be added to your replacement component order.

Competitor Bed in a Box Trials

Trial periods for online bed in a box mattresses

This is easily the most costly and environmentally irresponsible type of trial period offered. Online bed in a box companies do not resell used mattresses as these compressed and rolled mattresses cannot fit back in their original carton once they've been opened. Instead, the retailer will arrange to pick up the mattress and then dispose of the mattress.

The Cost Of Free: Casper Pays A Price For Generous Mattress Returns (npr.org)

As it is estimated that at least 12-14% of online mattresses are returned, it is reasonable to assume that the price of these mattresses is at least 12-14% higher than it would be without a return option. This means that those who keep their online mattress purchase have overpaid by at least 12-14%.

For this reason, our Paarizaat bed in a box mattresses do not have a trial period to ensure our price is as low as possible.

Competitor Retail Store Trials

Trial periods at mainstream mattress retailers

Canadian law is very vague about the reselling of used mattresses and bedding products. Some retailers are reselling customer returned, used mattresses marketed in the following ways:

  • Labelled as a "floor model"
  • Labelled as a "demo"
  • Labelled as "one left over from the home show"
  • Labelled as "shipping damage"
  • Excuses such as "it wouldn't fit in the customers home"

It is important to know that the vast majority of mattress manufacturers do not take back used mattresses. And of course it's not economically viable for the retailer to throw away a comfort trial mattress. This is why sleep trial returns are resold.

And that's just mattresses. Smaller items such as pillows are regularly, unsuspectingly, resold as "new" after having been used.

Price Matching

We shop our competition on a regular basis to ensure The Mattress & Sleep Company offers competitive prices 365 days a year.

However, as pricing is extremely dynamic, it is impossible to offer the lowest price 100% of the time (and you should be wary of any retailer making such a claim!).

If you've discovered another retailer with what appears to be a lower price, fill out our Price Match Request Form, call us Toll Free on 1-877-750-1212 or visit a TMASC store and we'll take care of it.