Products & Planning

Can you explain the 3D planning software to me?

We use Furnplan, a German 3D professional furniture planning software program. Furnplan natively supports TEAM 7 furniture.

We're able to render TEAM 7 furniture in the program with real-time access to pricing, materials and more.

The design process can be as simple as placing one coffee table in a blank workspace to recreating your entire home room-by-room and fully outfitting each room with TEAM 7 furniture perfectly suited to the space.

How much Furnplan design time do you offer?

The first two hours of design work are provided free of charge with no obligation to purchase anything from us.

Each subsequent hour of design work is billed at $75 CAD/hour.

This fee is credited back to you provided that the total billable hours do not exceed 5% of the value of your final project cost.

Is it possible to customize the dimensions of a piece?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it depends on the specific furniture item. The rules around custom sizing vary by individual item. We'll know the answer once we load the item into our 3D planning software.

I have an unusual mattress size - can you make a bed frame for my mattress?

Bedframes are one of the few items from TEAM 7 which cannot be custom sized. North American Queen, King and California King are available, along with all common European sizes.

However, this does not mean the bedframes are not customizable to suit your needs! Each bedframe style typically comes in 2 or 3 heights (futon, standard and comfort) along with different headboard styles and heights. There are also footboard options on Sesam and Mylon beds.

What is in the oil used to finish TEAM 7 furniture?

TEAM 7's exclusive oil is a non toxic finish of walnut oil, olive oil, lavender oil, kumquat oil, soybean oil, thistle oil, castor oil, linseed oil, tung oil, wood rosin, bees wax and carnauba palm wax. White oiled versions simply add a bit of white chalk to produce this effect.

TEAM 7 oil is literally so safe, that you can drink it straight out of the bottle. However, most of us still prefer red wine.

Will lighting & electrical elements work in Canada?

Yes! We specify CA/US electrical components with all of our TEAM 7 orders. Please note the colour temperature of all TEAM 7 LED lighting is considered "warm white" - approximately 2700 to 3000k.

Can I customize the colour of glass pieces?

Absolutely! TEAM 7 have the capability of creating any glass elements in any NCS Pantone colour code. A surcharge will apply for any custom colours.

Do your stores have samples?

Yes! Our stores in CalgaryEdmonton and Sherwood Park keep samples of virtually all raw materials and finishes including wood, metal, ceramic, steel, fabrics, leathers and an assortment of finishing hardware.

Delivery & Setup

Please explain the shipping process in detail.

The logistics process on TEAM 7 orders is truly impressive. Here is a point-by-point guide to the general process, although of course there are many other steps behind the scenes.

  • TEAM 7 notifies TMASC that an order is ready for collection in Austria.
  • We dispatch Tramo, a specialized Italian furniture moving company and include all details of the goods to be collected at the factory.
  • Tramo sets an appointment with TEAM 7 to collect the goods.
  • TEAM 7 forwards the customs documentation to TMASC, where we then ask our broker here in Canada to pre-clear the shipment before it even arrives in Canada.
  • Tramo brings the goods to their warehouse in Italy, where they await the next container bound for Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.
  • The goods are loaded onto a container in Genoa, Italy and on their way to Canada.
  • Once the goods arrive at port, the final customs clearance is finished and then our specialized overland furniture freight carrier, Western Logistics, takes over from Tramo and completes the Canadian portion of the delivery process.
What is the cost of delivery?

TEAM 7 furniture orders are always completely unique and every situation is different. As such, the delivery arrangements on all TEAM 7 products are made on a case-by-case basis. We include in-home delivery & setup near our stores, and we'll perform light assembly.

Do you offer installation services?

Our crews in the Calgary & Edmonton areas are trained to assemble a wide variety of furniture items. However, any situations requiring wall mounting or modifications to your existing home and furnishings requires a specialized professional.

In short, the vast majority of TEAM 7 products are easy to setup and this work is completed by our team. If an item you're ordering is not able to be installed by our team, we will clearly communicate this with you prior to moving forward with your order.

At this time, you would be responsible for arranging specialized installation services on your own (ie: kitchen cabinets, wall mounting, forest edge wall treatments, libraries, lighting & electrical works).

When will my TEAM 7 furniture arrive?

Due to the custom nature of TEAM 7 furniture, please allow approximately 4-6 months for arrival to most locations in Canada. Because TEAM 7 is coming from Europe, delivery timing can often be affected by the process of going from one type of transport to another. We also strongly believe in delivering a perfect product, which means we've partnered exclusively with Tramo; an Italian moving company who only ships furniture and never uses a forklift. The decision to use a specialist does mean delivery can take longer than traditional shipping.

How will my order arrive?

As mentioned briefly above, we have partnered exclusively with Tramo Group. For more than 30 years, Tramo have specialized in the logistics and transport of high-end furniture. By utilizing one specific carrier, we're better able to ensure your beautiful TEAM 7 furniture arrives to you in perfect condition. In fact, Tramo is so careful that they only move items by hand. You won't find any fork lifts anywhere near TEAM 7.

Tramo will hand off your delivery to a delivery partner in your area. These companies will always call ahead to arrange a date and time that works for you.

If you happen to be near one of our stores, we will use our local delivery partners to bring your items into the home and perform any light assembly work.

What happens if something arrives damaged?

The likelihood of a TEAM 7 product being damaged in transit is very rare due to how well they are packaged, and the nature of how they are shipped. In the unlikely event of damage, be sure to note all damages on the bill of lading (Write: PRODUCT DAMAGED directly on the slip of paper the delivery driver hands you to sign off on). Only discrepancies noted on the bill of lading can be addressed. Please call us immediately at 1-877-750-1212 if your product arrives damaged. Be sure to keep all packaging in the event that the shipping company wishes to inspect the product.

We also recommend writing "pending inspection" on the bill of lading as this can help in the case of finding concealed damage even when the shipping carton appears completely intact.

TEAM 7 Order Policies

When do I pay?

All TEAM 7 orders require payment in full before we will place your order with TEAM 7 in Austria.

Are there alternative payment methods?

Absolutely. Due to the nature of TEAM 7 furniture, orders can of course be significant in size. The Mattress & Sleep Company offers flexible payment options including bank draft, wire transfer and more.

What is your order cancellation & change policy?

You may cancel or change your order with no penalty so long as TEAM 7 have not entered your items into their production queue.

Once queued, we cannot alter or cancel your order and refunds are not possible.

Because you are "commissioning" a product which does not exist, it is imperative that the decision to move forward is made only with 100% certainty. The Mattress & Sleep Company is happy to spend as much time as is necessary to ensure all of your questions and concerns are fully answered before proceeding.

Can I return a TEAM 7 product?

TEAM 7 furniture is not returnable for any reason. If you have any concerns about a piece fitting in your space, please carefully measure prior to ordering. If there are any dimensions you require that we do not list online, simply let us know and we will happily provide this information.

Our 3D planning software allows us to provide 100% accurate measurements of not just a completed piece of furniture, but even of specific design elements of the piece. Keep in mind that most TEAM 7 products may also be crafted to just about any dimensions, allowing for installation in nearly any room for any purpose.


Do you match prices?

As we are the exclusive TEAM 7 retailer in Canada, we are able to set our own prices. Once currency conversion is factored in, our pricing is typically lowerthan the pricing in the US, for example. For these reasons, we're unable to match prices.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes! On a case-by-case basis.

Do you offer designer discounts?

Yes, we offer discounts to Interior Designers, Architects, decorators and many other professionals. Please contact a store manager for more details.