Two-Sided, Flippable Mattress. Made in Canada.
Two-Sided, Flippable Mattress. Made in Canada.
Cora Mattress
Cora Mattress

Cora Mattress

$649.99 CAD

Two-Sided | Flippable | Made in Canada

The Spring Air Cora Mattress Includes Free In-Home Delivery & Setup in the Calgary & Edmonton Areas.


Remember the good old days when mattresses were built like tanks and lasted for ages? Well, grab your nightcap and prepare for a bedtime story with a twist because we’ve cracked the code to bring those golden days back, and it won’t cost you a king’s ransom!

We teamed up with Spring Air in Surrey, BC, and let me tell you, they understood the assignment. They whipped up a mattress that’s fit for sleeping like a king but without the royal price tag. Introducing the Spring Air Cora mattress – your new best friend in the quest for glorious sleep!

Picture this: a mattress so ingenious, it’s got two sides! Yep, you heard that right. The Cora is a two-sided, symmetrical dream machine. It’s like the classic mattresses your grandparents raved about, with upholstery layers on both the top and bottom of the pocket coil spring system. Flip it, spin it, love it – it’s that simple!

Here’s the magic trick: by using both sides of the mattress, you’ll nearly double its lifespan. Yes, folks, it’s like getting two mattresses for the price of one! All you need is a plan to flip and rotate it regularly. We recommend alternating between flipping your Cora mattress and rotating it 180° every three months. Think of it as giving your mattress a little dance routine. Cha-cha-cha, baby!

Now, let’s talk about the cushy stuff. The outer fabric of the Cora is quilted with a plush fibre blend and ECOTEX™ gel foam, with an extra layer of ECOTEX™ foam on a fibre insulator pad. And guess what? It’s the same cozy goodness on both sides!

At the heart of this flippable wonder is a 5-zone, 8-inch individual pocket coil spring unit. These coils are like little bodyguards, offering top-notch pressure relief and full-body support. And with a thicker wire gauge in the centre zone to help spinal alignment and a reinforced edge, you’re in for a sleep that’s not just deep but also firm where it counts.

So, if you’re ready to revolutionize your sleep and give your mattress the long life it deserves, the Spring Air Cora is your ticket to dreamland. Get ready to flip, rotate, and snooze your way to a happier, healthier you!

Availability: In-store (On Display & Popular Sizes Stocked in Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park)

Flippable mattress layers

Mattress Details

  • Stretch-knit outer fabric - knit fabrics reduce surface tension, providing improved contouring and pressure relief
  • Quilted to the stretch-knit outer fabric:
    • Fibre-blend to help wick away moisture
    • 0.5" ECOTEX™ gel foam
  • 0.5" ECOTEX™ foam
  • Fibre insulator pad - Improved longevity by helping to ensure the upholstery layers do not migrate into the pocket coils
  • Two-sided construction:
    • Symmetrical design featuring all above upholstery layers on the top and bottom of the pocket springs
    • Allows for the mattress to be fully turned over like old-school mattresses
    • Increased durability by distributing wear
  • 5-zone 8" individual pocket coils:
    • A thicker gauge of wire in the perimeter springs to enhance edge support
    • A thicker gauge of wire in the centre rows of springs to enhance lumbar support
    • 8" height
  • Coil Counts:
    • Twin/Single: 450
    • Double/Full: 660
    • Queen: 800
    • King: 992
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam:
    • Made without ozone depleters
    • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
    • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
    • Made without formaldehyde
    • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
  • Electric adjustable bed compatible
  • 11 ½" | 30 cm total depth
  • Custom sizes available upon request
  • 10-year, non-prorated warranty
  • Made in Canada

Firmness & Elasticity At a Glance

Mattress Firmness 8 out of 10 - Firm

Mattress Elasticity 6 out of 10 - Moderately Elastic

We believe in the Elastic Bed Principle. The best-performing mattresses are those rated 10 out of 10, extremely elastic.


  • 🛏️ Longevity: The Spring Air Cora mattress is designed to last longer due to its two-sided, symmetrical construction, allowing it to be flipped and used on both sides.
  • 🔄 Maintenance: Regularly alternate between flipping and rotating every three months to ensure prolonged durability and satisfaction.
  • 🌿 Materials: The outer fabric is quilted with a fibre blend, ECOTEX™ gel foam, and standard ECOTEX™ foam, enhancing comfort and moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • 🌀 Support System: Features a 5-zone 8" individual pocket coil spring unit, offering pressure relief and full-body support, with thicker gauge wire in the center and perimeter for enhanced spinal alignment and edge support.
  • 🇨🇦 Availability and Warranty: Available in popular sizes at our stores in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park, with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. Made in Canada.
  • 📏 Specifications: Total depth of 11 ½" (30 cm), with specific coil counts for different sizes (Twin: 450, Double: 660, Queen: 800, King: 992).
  • Certifications: Uses CertiPUR-US® Certified Foam, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals and has low VOC emissions for better indoor air quality.

Boxspring Dimensions

Dimensions for our most popular boxspring types. Visit us in-store for custom sizes and additional selection.

Simply add the mattress height to any of the heights listed below for a total bed height. If you're placing one of these foundations on an existing bed frame, be sure to include the height from the floor to the support structure of your existing bed to determine the total bed height.

Foundation Heights (Imperial) Foundation Heights (Metric) Leg Height Total Height w/ Legs
Berkeley Standard Slat Foundation 2 ½"
8 ½"
6 cm
10 cm
18 cm
21.5 cm
Not available Not available
Berkeley Suspension Slat Foundation (our best-selling boxspring) 2 ⅜"
6 ½"
6 cm
10 cm
16.5 cm
23 cm
Not available Not available
Harrison Spinks Premium Foundation 8" 20 cm 4" | 10 cm 12" | 30 cm
t•masc Foundations 4"
10 cm
18 cm
3" 7" | 18 cm
10" | 25 cm
Beaudoin Breeze Platform Bed 13"
w/ legs installed
33 cm
w/ legs installed
14 ⅝" (height to top of upholstered side rails)
Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed 8" 20 cm 3"
Varies from 11 to 16"
Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed (our best-selling electric base) 8" 20 cm 3"
Varies from 11 to 16"

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