RV Mattresses

RV Mattresses are one of our specialties. Queen RV mattresses measure approximately 60 x 74 ½" (152.5 x 189 cm). King RV mattresses measure 72 x 80" (183 x 202 cm). These mattress sizes are found in recreational vehicles such as 5th wheels, travel trailers, and motor homes. The width is the same as a standard queen, yet the length is 5 inches shorter than the standard.

During "RV Mattress Season" (April-June), we typically stock both Queen RV and King RV mattresses in a few of our best-selling bed-in-a-box models. Alternatively, our hand-made high-performance natural beds from Berkeley Ergonomics and Harrison Spinks are always available to order in the special short queen and king rv recreational vehicle sizes.