Mattresses for Electric Beds

Adjustable bed mattresses are listed in this collection. Nearly every mattress from The Mattress & Sleep Company works well with an electric bed! When choosing the right mattress for an electric adjustable bed, there are two very critical considerations to keep in mind:

  1. It is best to choose a thinner mattress. Ideally, choose a mattress that is less than 12" thick. This is because the thicker the mattress is, the shorter the bed effectively becomes as you raise the head and foot. Thicker mattresses also don't bend as well.
  2. Choose the most-elastic mattress possible. Look for mattresses with an elasticity rating of 8 or higher. Elastic mattresses are the most supportive and durable. Perhaps most importantly, they bend the best. This makes a highly-elastic mattress well-suited to use on an adjustable bed. 100% natural Vita Talalay latex is the best choice for an electric bed, while materials such as memory foam are less-desirable. 

Once you're familiar with our high-performance electric-bed-friendly mattresses, visit one of our locally owned and operated stores in Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park. Deluxe in-home setup is included in areas where we have stores and we also offer delivery of our mattresses and electric beds across Canada.