Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Berkley Cairo Layers
Berkley Cairo Layers
The optional European suspension slat foundation adds customizable support for each sleeper and is a highly-recommended addition to your Berkeley mattress.
The optional European suspension slat foundation adds customizable support for each sleeper and is a highly-recommended addition to your Berkeley mattress.
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress
Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress

Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress

$3,120.00 CAD

The Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress Includes Free In-Home Delivery & Setup in the Calgary & Edmonton Areas + Free Truck Shipping Elsewhere in Canada.

The Berkeley Ergonomics Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress Includes One Free* 120 Night Comfort Adjustment.


The perfect mattress? We think so.

Cairo PF offers a weightless sleep experience. This is achieved by combining intelligent components, including 6,094 king pocket coils across 3 layers, French sheep's wool, camel's hair, and 100% natural Vita Talalay latex.

The Cairo PF's top layer of springs is made from a special titanium-steel alloy wire. Titanium alloy springs are lighter and more responsive than standard steel springs, which provides increased elasticity. The ultra-high spring count 'flows' with the body, hence the name "Posture-Flo."

The unique layering of the Cairo PF mattress allows us to keep the highly responsive pocket springs as close to the surface as possible. This delivers a tremendous combination of support and comfort. While we do not expressly believe in a 'one size fits all mattress' the Cairo PF is perhaps the closest to this we have found.

Camel's hair is quilted directly beneath the outer organic cotton stretch knit cover. Subjected to a climate that can be boiling hot during the day, and freezing cold at night, camel hair regulates temperature and humidity better than any other fibre while maintaining naturally fire-resistant properties.

To achieve the weightless feel in the Cairo PF mattress, Berkeley combines layer-upon-layer of hand-crafted goodness, alternating between European pocket coils and Talalay latex. The result is pure luxury, and one of the most comfortable mattresses available today at any price point.

Part of our Zippered Forever Bed™ collection, simply unzip the Cairo mattress and you'll see that the top layer may be turned and rotated to extend the life of the mattress.

Finish off your Berkeley Ergonomics mattress with a Formesse Bella Donna fitted sheet. Made in Germany, these special fitted sheets are stretch-knit and super breathable. They work in perfect harmony with the high-performance elastic materials found in all BE mattresses.

Availability: In-Store (On Display & Popular Sizes Stocked in Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park) or
Buy Securely Online (Delivery available to most locations across Canada)

Stretch-knit organic cotton fabric Non-Allergenic Pure Wool Fill Mattress features generous helpings of natural fibres Flippable mattress layers Replaceable interior mattress components 100% Natural Latex

Mattress Details

  • Layers from top to bottom:
  • 100% Organic Cotton zippered and removable outer fabric cover
    • Knitted fabric stretches to reduce surface tension and pressure pointing
    • Allows access to the internal components, which may be rotated, turned, and individually replaced
  • 100% Camel down (the soft inner portion of camel hair) quilted to the inside of the outer fabric
  • 100% French wool quilted to the inside of the outer fabric (layered directly beneath the camel hair)
    • Plein-Air - These sheep live outdoors year-round
    • Produces a curly, more resilient fibre than machine-crimped wool
    • Optimal temperature and humidity management for all sleepers
  • ¾" 100% Natural Vita Talalay latex
    • Manufactured by Radium Foam BV in The Netherlands
    • Zero synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene) content
  • 1" Posturflo titanium-steel alloy micro pocket coils (bonded to latex layers)
  • 1" 100% Natural Vita Talalay latex
    • Manufactured by Radium Foam BV in The Netherlands
    • Zero synthetic latex (styrene-butadiene) content
    • 2" European mini pocket coils
    • Base layer of European honeycomb nested full-height pocket coils
    • Coil Counts:
      • 4,649 Queen Size
      • 6,094 King Size
    • All three layers of pocket springs are wrapped in polypropylene; a durable, breathable, non-toxic Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified textile
    • Zero synthetic flame retardants
    • A vegan version is available upon request (replaces wool with linen)
    • Electric adjustable bed compatible
    • Part of our Zippered Forever Bed™ collection
    • 11" | 28 cm total depth
    • 10-year, non-prorated warranty
    • Made in California, USA

    Firmness & Elasticity At a Glance

    Mattress Firmness 2.5 out of 10 - Soft
    (Soft Cairo)

    Mattress Firmness 6 out of 10 - Medium
    (Medium Cairo)

    Mattress Firmness 7.5 out of 10 - Firm
    (Firm Cairo)

    Mattress Elasticity 10 out of 10 - Extremely Elastic
    (All Cairo Models)

    We believe in the Elastic Bed Principle. The best-performing mattresses are those rated 10 out of 10, extremely elastic.

    The Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress is a Zippered Forever Bed™

    A rational alternative to a typical trial period

    Our mattress exchange policies have been carefully crafted to avoid passing on costs to our customers who do not require a comfort adjustment.

    What is a Zippered Forever Bed™? It's a mattress with replaceable, modular components! Since 2008, The Mattress & Sleep Company has offered this style of mattress. Our stores in CalgaryEdmonton, and Sherwood Park each display and stock our modular mattress collection.

    There are several unique benefits to a Zippered Forever Bed™:

    • One no-cost component exchange between 30 and 120 nights on all Zippered Forever Beds. Learn more about The Sleep Sound Guarantee® here.
    • A Zippered Forever Bed™ reduces the risk of choosing the wrong mattress. Most people are happy with their new mattress between 30 and 90 nights. However, many are unhappy with polyurethane pillow top and memory foam mattresses once they begin to settle in (typically in the 6-month to 2-year timeframe). While our highly elastic mattresses work well for almost everyone, occasionally we need to make an incremental change in firmness. The modular construction of a Zippered Forever Bed™ allows for these fine adjustments without resorting to returning the mattress and starting over again.
    • Transparency. The ability to unzip and access the internal mattress components leaves nothing hidden or lost in translation.
    • Easier to move. A Zippered Forever Bed™ may be taken apart and moved in pieces. Even a heavy king mattress is quite manageable and will fit in places that other beds may not.
    • Individual components may be replaced separately (not all mattress materials wear at the same rate!)
    • Many of the components found within our Zippered Forever Beds™ may be rotated and turned individually, resulting in more even wear and longer mattress life. This style of maintenance is considerably more thorough than the alternatives. One-sided mattresses may only be rotated 180° while traditional two-sided mattresses can be rotated and turned.
    • Mattress warranties do not cover comfort. A Zippered Forever Bed™ may be changed at any time in the future at a lower cost than purchasing a new mattress.

    When we say "forever" we really do mean it. Simply replace individual components as necessary. A Zippered Forever Bed™ features materials such as pocket springs, 100% natural latex, and cotton covers, all of which are available separately.

    * - Please review the full terms and conditions of our trial period on The Sleep Sound Guarantee® page.

    Berkeley Ergonomics Certificates

    • Radium Vita Talalay latex (the type of latex found in all Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses and pillows) is Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified
      • C2C certification is a review of the following areas:
      • Material Health (Knowing the chemical ingredients of every material in a product, and optimizing towards safer materials - identify material as organic or synthetic)
      • Material Re-utilization (Designing products made with materials that come from and can safely return to nature or industry)
      • Renewable Energy & Carbon Management (Envisioning a future in which all manufacturing is powered by 100% clean renewable energy)
      • Water Stewardship (Manage clean water as a precious resource and an essential human right)
      • Social Fairness (Design operations to honour all people and natural systems affected by the creation, use, disposal or reuse of a product)
      • More Information
      • C2C Certificate Link
    • Latex (ECO Institut)
    • Latex (Rainforest Alliance)
    • Green energy (wind)
    • Organic Cotton Stretch Knit - Medizinisch Getestet certificate - The fabric for Berkeley mattresses and mattress protectors is made from Organic Cotton Stretch and is certified by Medizinisch Getestet Schadstoffgepruft. Medically tested for toxins.
    • Organic Cotton Stretch Knit - Naturtextil Certification - The raw organic cotton used for the cotton knit in Berkeley mattress covers and protectors is long staple and Mattes and Ammann are Berkeley's exclusive supplier. "Naturtextil BEST" certification means it is a holistic standard. It values environmental and social criteria along the entire textile production chain.
    • Wool (GOTS)
    • All textile components are Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 certified
      • Cotton knit: 93.0.3463
      • French Wool: 95.0.2251
      • Backing materials: 94.0.7467
      • Vita Talalay latex: 30007 - Class I, safe for babies (most competing Talalay is Class II or IV)
      • Polypropylene spring fabric(s): 64930, 10.0.77270 & 10.0.81778
    • Wood (boxsprings/slat systems) - All wood is sourced from FSC certified sources in Canada and Germany

    Boxspring Dimensions

    Dimensions for our most popular boxspring types. Visit us in-store for custom sizes and additional selection.

    Simply add the mattress height to any of the heights listed below for a total bed height. If you're placing one of these foundations on an existing bed frame, be sure to include the height from the floor to the support structure of your existing bed to determine the total bed height.

    Foundation Heights (Imperial) Foundation Heights (Metric) Leg Height Total Height w/ Legs
    Berkeley Standard Slat Foundation 2 ½"
    8 ½"
    6 cm
    10 cm
    18 cm
    21.5 cm
    Not available Not available
    Berkeley Suspension Slat Foundation (our best-selling boxspring) 2 ⅜"
    6 ½"
    6 cm
    10 cm
    16.5 cm
    23 cm
    Not available Not available
    Harrison Spinks Premium Foundation 8" 20 cm 4" | 10 cm 12" | 30 cm
    t•masc Foundations 4"
    10 cm
    18 cm
    3" 7" | 18 cm
    10" | 25 cm
    Beaudoin Breeze Platform Bed 13"
    w/ legs installed
    33 cm
    w/ legs installed
    14 ⅝" (height to top of upholstered side rails)
    Ergomotion 330 Adjustable Bed 8" 20 cm 3"
    Varies from 11 to 16"
    Ergomotion 390 Adjustable Bed (our best-selling electric base) 8" 20 cm 3"
    Varies from 11 to 16"

    Additional Reading

    Platform Bed & Boxspring Guide (opens in new tab)

    Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

    Varieties Which Are Typically In-Stock

    The Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress is typically stocked in Twin XL, Queen, King and Split King. Please see the lead times below for situations when the Cairo PF Hybrid Mattress is sold out or for all other sizes.

    Lead Times for Out-of-Stock & Special Orders

    Berkeley Ergonomics products which are sold out or not regularly stocked typically arrive to our Alberta warehouses within 3-4 weeks of your order placement. Please Send Us a Message should your needs be time sensitive.

    Delivery Costs & Available Services

    In-home delivery and setup of your new Berkeley Ergonomics mattress is included at no extra cost in the Calgary and Edmonton areas. In addition, our professional delivery teams are able to travel to most locations in Alberta for a reasonable cost.

    Removal of your existing mattress, bed frame and furniture is also available upon request.

    Located elsewhere in Canada? Shipping is free of charge on Berkeley Ergonomics mattresses sent via truck freight. Deliveries to remote locations may incur an additional cost.

    Courier-eligible bedding and pillow orders qualify for free shipping to most locations across Canada on orders of $100 or more.

    General Availability Advice

    The Mattress & Sleep Company is a family owned and operated business based in Alberta, Canada. We specialize in high-quality bedding, bath and mattresses from Canada, Europe and the USA. Our vast selection makes it impossible to stock everything. For this reason, our website does not offer real-time inventory availability as many of our products are made to order.

    Please read the availability details above as we do make an effort to draw attention to products which are typically in stock in our Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park stores and warehouses.

    For time-sensitive needs, please give us a call Toll-Free on 1 (877) 750-1212 or Send us a Message and we will be delighted to help.

    The Sleep Sound Guarantee®

    We shop our competition on a regular basis to ensure The Mattress & Sleep Company offers competitive prices 365 days a year. However, it is impossible to guarantee we're always the lowest price out there. For this reason, we'll match or beat* any authorized retailer's advertised or privately quoted price.

    If you've found what appears to be the same product for a lower price, Submit a Price Match Request. We would be delighted to work with you to earn your business.