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The Mattress & Sleep Company is well known for our fantastic selection of bedding and pillows. We search the world in an effort to offer Canadians top-quality luxury bedding.

  • Free shipping to most areas of Canada on orders of $100 or more.
  • Mattress and furniture delivery to nearly any location across Canada with complimentary deluxe set-up included in Calgary & Edmonton.
  • A vast selection of bedding on display and in stock at our Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park stores.

Natural fibres are our specialty. While there are certainly some amazing synthetic materials out there, when it comes to bedding, natural materials equal high performance. In the bedroom, one of the most important characteristics is how well a fibre is able to absorb and release moisture as the average person loses about 300 - 500 mL of moisture per night. Natural fibres such as linen, cotton are still the superior choice for managing this moisture.

Contrast these natural materials for a moment with their synthetic 'equivalents.' These performance fabrics found in sporting gear, golf shirts, and similar apparel, work on a very simple premise. These synthetics require significant air circulation to function properly. This is why these materials do not work in the bedroom environment. Fibres such as cotton or linen will do their job perfectly well without significant air circulation, making them well-suited to the bedroom.