The best bed is made from the best materials. Obasan has traveled all over the world to find the best organic materials, from Argentine wool to Peruvian cotton, all the way to Sri Lanka for the best quality rubber. You’ll immediately understand why when you sleep on an Obasan mattress for the first time.

Wake up feeling revitalized, rested, and ready to take on the day. That’s how you’ll feel when you sleep on a mattress that has been expertly tailored just for you. Obasan mattresses are customized from head to toe based on body type, predominant sleep position, and stage of life for one or two sleepers. The result is optimal body support, perfect spine alignment, and the absence of pressure points, allowing the body to let go and fall into a deep, restful sleep.

The experience of sleeping on an Obasan mattress is one of extraordinary comfort due to our exacting standards for all materials and the exceptional skills of Obasan craftspeople. Obasan uses only natural, 100% organic, finest-grade rubber, cotton, and wool in the creation of every Obasan mattress, which means the tactile experience is second to none.

Save on select Obasan mattresses, bedding, and pillows. Items available for shipping across Canada will have reduced prices on our website, while additional Obasan products are available to our in-store customers - see the PDF clearance lists below for the current selection and in-store prices.