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Canada is noted for raising some of the finest down in the world, and this wonderful pillow is the proof. These white ducks are raised to be more mature and larger, and so the down is also larger, puffier and more resilient. In fact it is superior to many grades of goose down that are typically available in department stores. With this exceptional down, St Geneve have made a beautiful duvet and pillow collection that is wonderfully comfortable, and hypoallergenic.

We love this pillow. This is very easily one of the very best pillows for the money.

Looking for a great toddler or kids pillow? The Laroche in a Regular Soft version is perfect for children.

Product Details

  • 600 loft Canadian white duck down
  • 300 TC SoLoft™ Cotton Sateen imported from Germany
    • Fabric is Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Class 1
    • Fabric is down proof and dust mite proof
  • Certified Superwash™ for machine washing
  • Zurguard® certified to be Hypoallergenic
  • Pillow protector is not included. For our selection of protectors, please visit our pillow protectors section.
  • Made in Richmond, BC
    • Filling is Canadian
    • Fabric shell is Made in Germany

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For all other sizes and fills or when sold out please allow approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery. Shipping is included at no additional cost to most locations across Canada on orders of $100 or more. Affordable flat-rate shipping on orders of less than $100.

Purchasing Advice - Soft, Medium or Firm?

Generally speaking, medium-fill down pillows are the most popular. Firm pillows also also quite popular with side sleepers, while soft pillows are not as common. Soft pillows are recommended to be purchased in pairs so that when you're sleeping on your front or back, you would use one pillow, while on your side, you'd use two.

If, after 30 days of use, you find your St Genève down pillow is either not filled enough, or has too much fill for your liking, we will make arrangements to send your pillow back to St Genève to be adjusted for a reasonable cost.

Care Instructions

Wash regular, standard and queen pillows as pairs, wash king pillows individually. Use a pure, gentle soap; do not bleach. Use medium temperature water and the maximum water level, with an extra rinse cycle. If water is left in the pillow after the extra rinse cycle, squeeze out the excess water. Machine dry pillows individually at medium temperatures. After the first drying cycle, pull apart any clumps that have formed. Use a tumble dry setting for all drying cycles.

We recommend washing your down filled duvets, pillows, jackets and sleeping bags with Le Blanc Down Wash. This is an exceptional cleanser designed for all washable and colourfast down-filled fabrics. Le Blanc® Downwash® is formulated to protect the naturally resilient oils in down from drying out while preserving its loft.

Le Blanc Down Wash Canada

Pillow Warranty

This item is covered by the manufacturer's 5 year warranty against defects in workmanship. The Mattress & Sleep Company will act on your behalf in the event of any potential warranty claim. St Genève requires the use of a pillow protector at all times to validate the warranty.

Pillow Dimensions

Regular 20 x 26" 50 x 65 cm
Standard 20 x 28" 50 x 70 cm
Queen 20 x 30" 50 x 75 cm
King 20 x 36" 50 x 90 cm
European 26 x 26" 65 x 65 cm
Grand Queen 26 x 30" 65 x 75 cm
Grand King 26 x 36" 65 x 90 cm
Grand Euro 31 x 31" 80 x 80 cm

The best purchase I've made in regards to sleeping - Review of St Geneve Laroche Pillow
5 out of 5 stars
I have a really nice mattress and thought that would be enough to improve my sleep; it wasn't. This pillow is a game changer. My sleep was deep and wonderful. This pillow cradles my head perfectly and doesn't get too hot or too cold. Ensure you speak with a sales Rep to get the right one for you. This is an investment you need to make. You only live once... So rest your head every night knowing you are giving yourself the best chance for sleep and rejuvenation. This is the pillow you've been looking for.
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