Formesse Jersey Fitted Sheets

Formesse Jersey Fitted Sheets

Formesse Jersey Fitted Sheets

My brother Dylan and I truly love owning & operating TMASC. We like people, and we are passionate about sleep and its importance to health and general psychological and physiological well being. As a natural extension of this we nerd out on sleep products and their form and function. We make regular visits to trade shows and factories to make sure we continue to offer to the most comfortable mattresses and bedding on the planet.

In January 2018 we made a trip to two of the largest trade shows in Europe, Heimtextil in Frankfurt where all manner of fabrics from all over the globe are on display from many different manufacturers, and the imm cologne Furniture fair in Cologne.

With Dylan in Calgary and myself in Edmonton, we don’t get a lot of time together in person, so traveling is always a wonderful opportunity for the two of us. As brothers, there is always an element of mixing our personal lives with our business, as it is so ingrained in each of us that the two cannot be easily separated. Its an extension of who we are.

Our trip to Frankfurt was a perfect example of this, and very well worth the time that we spent there. Like typical men on a mission, we can generally get in and out of a trade show pretty quickly. This time, we wandered a little farther and longer than we typically do on the off chance that we would find something valuable, and typically that’s just how life is, finding things of value where you least expect it, or least thought to look. That’s one of the best things about traveling so far away, you have no excuse not to spend as much time at the show as possible.

At Heimtextil we received a wonderful education from Pierre Brun from Brun de Vian-Tiran and got to see most of their collection in person. Our meeting culminated in an easy decision to expand our line with their incredible Camargue Antique Merino blankets, pillows, duvets and mattress topper.

One of our last visits of the day in Heimtex was a unique company from Germany, Formesse.  We were immediately impressed by their unique product offering. Most of what this company is well known for is making the best quality jersey cotton fitted sheets in the world.  Exceptionally stretchy, soft, breathable, they do not wrinkle or pill. They might just be the most functional and best overall fitted sheet. Our number one mattress supplier Berkeley Ergonomics uses a wonderful knitted cotton fabric for their mattresses and woven fabrics used as fitted sheets can remove some of the surface comfort as they tend to be stiffer and less stretchy than knitted fabrics like jersey cotton. It was a no-brainer for us to bring these wonderful fitted sheets into our stores with the goal of helping people sleep as well as possible.  It’s truly great when products from different suppliers we carry end up working in a synergistic fashion together.

Formesse Bella Donna Fitted Sheets are offered in 3 size categories. Keep in mind as a knitted jersey stretch fabric, each size category will fit a variety of mattress dimensions.

  • Size 04 is for all Half Cal. King, Twin, Single, Twin XL, and Long Twin Mattresses
  • Size 13 is for all Double, Full, Double XL, Queen RV, and Queen Mattresses
  • Size 19 is for all King RV, King and California King Mattresses
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