TEAM 7 miró table Visualizer

How to use the TEAM 7 visualizer tool

1. Please allow the tool to load

The visualizer tool may take 30-90 seconds to fully load and be ready to use.

2. Limitations of the online tool

Please note: The visualizer tool found on this page is fairly basic and limited to just a few sizes and materials. Canadian bed sizes, for example, are not displayed in the online configuration tool.

The delivery time displayed in the configurator tool is for European delivery. The delivery time for Canada is typically 3-5 months.

3. Download or print your ideal configuration

Explore the tool above and when you've landed on an ideal configuration, click or tap on the 'download configuration as PDF" function. This will open a new window where you may print or save the build sheet for your new bed.

4. Visit one of our stores or contact us

Visit our stores in CalgaryEdmonton and Sherwood Park and bring along a copy of your configuration.

We'll quickly recreate it in Furnplan and will spend the time with you to perfect the design. Our software presents real-time pricing in Canadian dollars for clarity and transparency.

Our stores also have raw material samples on hand to touch, feel and sign out.

If you're elsewhere in Canada and are unable to visit us, please send an email to and we'll pair you up to one of our qualified TEAM 7 experts.

Visit our Alberta stores to work with our powerful 3D Furnplan software

The Furnplan 3D planning software our specialists utilize in our Alberta stores is considerably more sophisticated, allowing for our team members to build anything from a simple TEAM 7 side table all the way to a model of your entire home with accurate room sizes recreated from your architectural drawings.

Use the online visualizer as a starting point, and then visit The Mattress & Sleep Company's Alberta stores where we will recreate everything in our powerful software. All material choices are instantly configurable in Furnplan, and we have real-life samples of virtually all TEAM 7 wood types, glass, ceramic, leather, fabrics and more.

TEAM 7 in Canada

The Mattress & Sleep Company has proudly offered TEAM 7 furniture for over a decade and we are currently the exclusive retail partner of TEAM 7 in Canada.

Our stores in CalgaryEdmonton and Sherwood Park each display a variety of TEAM 7 furniture.

Even if you're not located in Canada, please do enjoy this configuration tool. There is a dealer locator button built into the tool which will help you find your nearest TEAM 7 specialist retailer worldwide.