Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair
Lui Chair

Lui Chair

$1,249.00 CAD

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The price(s) listed above are for illustrative purposes only and are merely intended to provide example price points for this item. Final pricing will vary depending on material choices (ie: walnut wood is considerably more costly than alder wood), sizes, quantities, et cetera.

TMASC offers two hours of complimentary TEAM 7 design services with our Furnplan 3D room planning software in-store. Material samples are on hand and available to sign out. TEAM 7 furniture is Made to Order in Austria.

The TEAM 7 Lui Chair is available for purchase in-store only.

This guy is just really cool.

Even if lui gives off a shamelessly casual impression, its covering makes it appropriate for any setting – and that’s how the designer Jacob Strobel views his piece. lui appears elegant and suave all at once. The key feature of its distinctive style is the comfortable seat shell. The seat of the lui chair nestles against the body: sculpted upholstery with ergonomic foam cushioning provides superior seating comfort. Our high-quality covers – in classic or full-grain leather, fabric – complete the delightful feel of this chair. You will love it – at the dining table or in your home office, paired with our smart standalone sol or the atelier desk, for example.

Essentials Edition.

In addition to choosing from the complete range of materials and finishes, the Lui chair is also available in a special Essentials Edition with a natural oak wooden frame and L1 black-brown leather upholstery at an ultra-attractive price.

A chair with a sense of family.

If the lui chair with its handcrafted wooden base is an easy-going, well-grounded guy, then the swivel base lui chair is the elegant, but equally cool brother. Additional comfort is provided by an organically shaped, easy-action swivel base with a unique mechanism that automatically returns the chair to its original position after the user gets up. And there’s a third member of the team, very much one of the family, with a delightfully light-spirited character. The distinctive difference here is its steel wire frame. Precise lines give this design a dynamic sense of energy with robust strength. The lui chair cuts a first-class figure in the home office when it turns up as an office swivel chair.

A plus for casualness.

The crumpled look typical of the lui family can also be found on the inside of lui plus. The comfortable seat shell is reminiscent of its big brother grand lui. With lui plus, however, the armrests are significantly lower – allowing more freedom of movement and various seating positions. The sides of the lui plus seat curve up, giving a sense of security and comfort – similar to a shell seat. The height of the armrests is designed to allow the chair to fit easily under any table top. This saves space when the chair is not being used. Whether with a base frame made of solid wood, with a swivel base or a wire frame: lui plus always appears casual and light and everyone loves its comfort. It also retains this style in the home office, where it brings in a bit of momentum as an office swivel chair with castors.

The charm of wrinkles.

Tightly stretched across the curved back, attractive folds on the inside of the seat shell: like the lui and grand lui chairs, lui plus also owes its typical charming appearance to traditional upholstery artisanship. The contours of the low armrests converge dynamically on the handcrafted indentations of the fabric or leather upholstery and then blend precisely into the seam on the back.

Take it easy. No problem.

A smoothly stretched exterior and distinctive, soft folds on the inside: grand lui has the same look as its little brother, the lui chair. Ergonomically shaped armrests create an enclosing shell while still hinting at the original silhouette of the lui chair. Combined with fully sculpted upholstery, they guarantee first class seating luxury - a comfortable dining chair, for long relaxed mealtimes at the table. Fans of the ingenious lui design have a choice. They can settle on either grand lui or lui - or a combination of the two around the dining table.

Looking good.

grand lui can be made to suit your design preferences, depending on your taste and how the chair will be used - from the dining room to your home office - in fabric, classic or full-grain leather, in single colour or two-colour designs. The wire frame is made of cleverly formed metal, and gives grand lui a particularly light appearance. The elegant swivel base is organic in form, like the seat shell itself. A unique mechanism automatically returns the chair into its original position after the user gets up, providing special comfort and convenience. The meticulously crafted wooden version of the base is pure nature - in its most stylish form. Specially designed for the home office, everyone loves grand lui as an office swivel chair as well, with its 3D movement mechanism that enables active, back-friendly sitting.

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Availability: In-Store (Made to Order in Austria | On Display in Edmonton)
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Wood Samples

Alder (ER) Beech (BU) Beech Heartwood (BK) Natural Oak (EI) Wild Natural Oak (EIWI)  
Alder Beech Beech Heartwood Natural Oak Wild Natural Oak  
Cherry (KB) Walnut (NB) Wild Walnut (NBWI) White Oil Oak (EI-W) White Oil Wild Oak (EIWI-W)  
Cherry Walnut Wild Walnut White Oil Oak White Oil Wild Oak  

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TEAM 7 furniture is Made to Order in Austria. Please allow 4-6 months for delivery.

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