Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are typically a good choice for those seeking comfort at a low cost. Memory foam is best relied on as an economically priced cushioning material. We believe there are simply superior materials available today that make memory foam an unlikely choice for those seeking a better-than-basic mattress.

Next-generation alternatives to memory foam

While memory foam certainly still serves a purpose, The Mattress & Sleep Company believes our mattress models featuring high-resiliency (HR) smart foam to offer superior elasticity, durability and support when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. We recommend reading more about the Elastic Bed Principle.

The Hard Bed™ Mattress

Designed in Alberta and beta-tested extensively by our Edmonton customers, Hard Bed is super unique. We identified a need for an extra-firm mattress that doesn't aggravate pressure points. We accomplished this goal by utilizing high-resiliency smart foam. HR foam is a material not normally found in mattresses, especially in North America. We then made it even better by designing a fully symmetrical, two-sided reversible mattress for long-lasting support.

MLILY Tranquil Hybrid Mattress

Designed in Edmonton, this pocket coil hybrid mattress utilizes high-resiliency smart foam. The best mattress is made from materials with exceptional elasticity. This combination of pocket coils and elastic smart foam ensures that the Tranquil mattress is considerably more elastic than just about any other bed in a box mattress at virtually any price (the Paradigm below is even more elastic). In our opinion, the Tranquil is head-and-shoulders above the competition.

MLILY Paradigm Hybrid Mattress

Building on the successful formula of the Tranquil mattress, Paradigm takes the concept to a 13/10. Supple, comfortable and supportive. Paradigm is a fully symmetrical, two-sided reversible mattress with 6" total of high-resiliency smart foam, combined with a foam-encased pocket coil system.

In a nutshell, Paradigm is sooooo comfortable.