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Queen RV (60 x 74½") Mattresses

RV Mattresses are one of our specialties. Queen RV mattresses measure approximately 60 x 74 ½" (152.5 x 189 cm). This mattress size is found in recreational vehicles such as 5th wheels, travel trailers, and motor homes. The width is the same as a standard queen, yet the length is 5 inches shorter than standard.

As is the case with just about anything, RV mattresses are offered in a range of qualities and prices. The Mattress & Sleep Company believes there are two common-sense approaches to buying the right RV mattress.

  1. Modest. Basic quality RV mattresses typically cost between $400 to $800. TMASC doesn't currently offer such an option, but you should be able to find these at most independent mattress retailers.
  2. Luxury. The Mattress & Sleep Company offers high-quality RV mattresses starting at $1,799.