Hard Bed FAQ

Delivery Costs
Return Policy
Shipping Process
Unboxing Hard Bed


Q? Where is Hard Bed available for purchase?

There are several ways to acquire a Hard Bed!

  1. Purchase on tmasc.ca
  2. Visit one of our stores in Alberta to rest-test and buy in person.
  3. Purchase on hardbed.ca

Delivery Costs

Q? How much is delivery?
Delivery of The Hard Bed™ Mattress is included to most locations across Canada. Please note that we can only deliver to a physical street address and that we do not deliver to Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut or Labrador at this time.

Are you in the Calgary or Edmonton areas? Our professional in-home delivery service will bring your Hard Bed inside, unpack, place on your bed frame and remove the packaging materials when they're done. They can even take away your old mattress!

Return Policy

Q? Hard Bed is too hard. Can I return it?
No. It's called Hard Bed. Please do not order unless you are wanting an extremely firm mattress.

Shipping Process

Q? How does Hard Bed arrive?
Hard Bed is conveniently vacuum-compressed and rolled in a manageable carton. We recommend removing Hard Bed from the carton as it's much easier to lift and move out of the packaging. There is a plastic sleeve around the mattress which prevents it from expanding and unrolling. Simply place where you intend to use Hard Bed, and then carefully cut along the plastic sleeve to open Hard Bed up. Our delivery company will do all of this for you, if we're delivering in our local Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park store areas.

  1. Place Your Order
    • Place your order securely online, or call us toll-free on 1-877-750-1212.
    • Our team will prepare your order for dispatch. This typically happens within 1-2 business days of receiving your order.
    • Your payment method will be charged once your mattress is prepared for shipment.
  2. Dispatched & En-route
    • Once your shipment has been arranged, we'll automatically update your order status and provide you with a tracking number.
    • Estimated arrival dates are indeed estimates. Although these quoted dates are accurate the vast majority of the time, please do check the status of your tracking number periodically.
    • If your order has multiple items, you may receive each item on different days. Each individual box will have it's own tracking number.
  3. Out For Delivery
    • Once your tracking number shows "Out for Delivery", our courier partner will make a delivery attempt that day between 9 am and 7 pm.
    • Due to the value of the mattress, we require a signature for delivery.
    • In some cases, a delivery notice will be left with further instructions.

If no one is typically home during the day, please consider having Hard Bed shipped to your place of employment. Hard Bed will easily fit in most vehicles for easy transport. Smaller cars may need to have the outer cardboard carton removed so that the mattress will fit on the back seat or in the trunk with the seats folded down.

Unboxing Hard Bed

Hard Bed ships from Calgary, Edmonton or Markham, direct to your door in a compact, easy-to-handle recyclable carton. Tight on space? No problem! Because Hard Bed is compressed and rolled, it's easy to move. Simply place the carton near where you'll be setting up and open it up. Follow along with our unboxing photos below!

Are you in the Calgary or Edmonton areas? Our in-home delivery teams will take care of all the work for you at no extra cost!

The pictures below show the unboxing of our original Hard Bed 1.0. The new Canadian-made Hard Bed is packaged in a very similar way and the process is the same. We'll post new photos of the Canadian Hard Bed very soon.

Carton 1 Carton 2 Carton 3 Carton 4 Placement 1 Placement 1
Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1

Your Hard Bed will expand and assume it's natural shape in just a few minutes. It's ready to sleep on right away, however, please allow two full days for Hard Bed to recover to 100% of it's original firmness from the factory.