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The Hard Bed™ Mattress

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Firm Mattress Canada
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Availability: In-Store (On Display & Stocked in Calgary, Edmonton & Sherwood Park) or
Buy Securely Online (Ships direct to your door in an easy-to-handle cardboard carton, simply unpack and expand the mattress)

All sizes are fully sold out. Pre-order now for estimated March 2021 delivery.

Mattress Firmness 10 out of 10 - Extremely Firm

Mattress Elasticity 3 out of 10 - Not Very Elastic

Hard Bed is Certified Hard.

Hard Bed is a revolutionary solution in firm support sleeping. Manufactured in the largest, most consistent-quality mattress facility in the world, Hard Bed combines the newest sleep technologies with proven traditional craftsmanship. In fact, Hard Bed is one of the only fully reversible, two-sided mattresses available in Canada.

Your Hard Bed features a layer of 3.4 lb high-resilience (HR) Smart Foam quilted to both the top and bottom fabric panels. Sandwiched between the incredible Smart Foam is an 8" layer of extra-firm foam to provide ever-lasting support.

Everyone knows that mattresses used to last 15 or 20 years. What everyone forgets is that mattresses used to be flippable. This is why Hard Bed has returned to this style. Simply flip your Hard Bed (which will be easier to do after you've toughened-up your back), once every 6 months to maintain incredible support for years to come.

Why no springs? When designing the ultimate in firm beds, springs are simply not desirable. An ultra-firm spring unit ends up causing far too many pressure points, where-as our combination of unique high-resilience Smart Foam and an extra-firm support core ensure that excess pressure points are less of a risk.

Hard Bed™ Mattress Specifications

  • Layers from top to bottom:
  • Zippered, quilted, removable double jacquard outer cover (top and bottom)
  • High-resilience (HR) Smart Foam quilted to top outer cover
  • 8" Extra-firm foam core
  • High-resilience (HR) Smart Foam quilted to bottom outer cover
  • Mattress is fully symmetrical, may be turned, flipped or rotated for use on both top and bottom
    • This old-school way of building a mattress will provide a considerably longer mattress life than modern one-sided mattresses
    • Hard Bed is super easy to flip due to the rigidity of the extra-firm foam
  • Total height of approximately 9"
  • CertiPUR-US® Certified
    • Foam made without ozone depleters
    • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP ("Tris") flame retardants
    • Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
    • Made without formaldehyde
    • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
    • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)
  • Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certified
  • Easy delivery & setup
    • Ships via courier, vacuum packed and rolled to be compact and easy to move, even in king size!
    • Delivered in an eco-friendly recyclable cardboard carton
    • Simply unbox, place on your bed frame or the floor, gently cut the inner-plastic wrap and watch your Hard Bed expand, ready for action
  • Designed in Canada by The Mattress & Sleep Company
  • Made in China

Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

All sizes are fully sold out. Pre-order now for estimated March 2021 delivery.

This mattress is rolled and shipped in an easy-to-handle cardboard carton and will arrive via a standard courier such as UPS or Fedex.

If you'd like deluxe in-home setup, this service is available in the Calgary & Edmonton areas at no additional charge, and is also available in select other areas for a nominal fee. During the online checkout process, you'll have the option of selecting in-home setup if this option exists in your area.

Hard Bed FAQ

Q? Hard Bed is too hard. Can I return it?
No. It's called Hard Bed. Sometimes, life is hard. Please do not order this mattress unless you are wanting an extremely firm mattress.

Q? How does Hard Bed arrive?
Hard Bed is conveniently vacuum-compressed and rolled in a manageable carton. We recommend removing Hard Bed from the carton as it's much easier to lift and move out of the packaging. There is a plastic sleeve around the mattress which prevents it from expanding and unrolling. Simply place where you intend to use Hard Bed, and then carefully cut along the plastic sleeve to open Hard Bed up. Our delivery company will do all of this for you, if we're delivering in our local Calgary & Edmonton store areas.

Read More on Our FAQ Page

Suggested Foundation/Boxspring

Any firm, flat, level surface. So long as your box spring isn't sagging, it will work just fine with your Hard Bed mattress. If you're planning to use this mattress on a platform style bed simply ensure your platform has sufficient support such as a solid surface or slats no more than 3" apart. Bowed/curved slats are also fine! However, these slats might make your Hard Bed feel a touch softer.

Please do not use your Hard Bed with an electric adjustable bed.

Warranty & Care Instructions

Your Hard Bed mattress is covered by a 10 year prorated limited warranty. The Mattress & Sleep Company and Healthcare Co. Ltd. will address any covered manufacturers defect at any time during the first 10 years of Hard Bed ownership.

Please rotate your Hard Bed once every 6 months, and flip it over once per year. Consider using a St Dormeir Mattress Protector to ensure your Hard Bed stays hygenic for years to come. St Dormeir protectors also provide superior temperature and humidity regulation to ensure you sleep in the optimal climate conditions!

Approximate Dimensions & Weights

  • Double Mattress
    • 54" wide x 75" long x 9" thick
    • 137 x 190 x 23 cm
    • 52 lbs | 24 kg
  • Queen Mattress
    • 60" wide x 80" long x 9" thick
    • 152 x 203 x 23 cm
    • 61 lbs | 28 kg
  • King Mattress
    • 76" wide x 80" long x 9" thick
    • 193 x 203 x 23 cm
    • 80 lbs | 36 kg

Unboxing Hard Bed

Hard Bed ships from Calgary or Edmonton direct to your door in a compact, easy-to-handle recyclable carton. Tight on space? No problem! Because Hard Bed is compressed and rolled, it's easy to move. Simply place the carton near where you'll be setting up and open it up. Follow along with our unboxing photos below!

Are you in the Calgary or Edmonton areas? Our in-home delivery teams will take care of all the work for you at no extra cost!

Tap the centre-right or centre-left edges of the images below to move back/forward through the unboxing steps.

Carton 1 Carton 2 Carton 3 Carton 4 Placement 1 Placement 1
Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1 Placement 1

Your Hard Bed will expand and assume it's natural shape in just a few minutes. It's ready to sleep on right away, however, please allow two full days for Hard Bed to recover to 100% of it's original firmness from the factory.

Fantastic mattress, super fast delivery - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Hard Bed mattress is absolutely great! I've had it for 2 months now and can say that it's been years since I slept this well, night after night. Also, the mattress got delivered just 3 days after I placed the order. In fact, they wanted to deliver it in just 2 days, but I wasn't ready as I never expected such a lightening fast service. I have nothing but the best experience with these guys, from placing an order, through immediate followups from them, to the fastest delivery ever and finally to the great product quality!
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Finally found a great hard mattress - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Not only is it a great super firm mattress, it is double sided which will help it last longer by turning and flipping it regularly. If you have low back issues like me, you will love this one. It takes a couple of weeks for your body to get used to having proper support, but once you do, you body will thank you. Well done!
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Best mattress ever! - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Honestly I love the hard bed mattress, it's just so great for my back. The only thing I might suggest is some big font warning to make sure your bed frame is the right size. I have a queen platform captain bed but it was just slightly too small, so I ended up buying $220 in wood slats to fill the base so the mattress could lay flat . totally worth it!
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Worth every cent - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
My wife has spine problem so we have to buy a hard bed. We used for 2 months now and it has been a best purchase i ever made.
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Was scared to take the risk without a sleep trial, but soooo worth it! - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
My wife (200 lbs) and I (280 lbs) first had a ripoff ($3500) king Tempur-Pedic bed for about 9 years, but it was causing too much back pain for us, slept WAY too hot, and the box springs were absolute garbage. We wouldn't even last until midway through the night without sinking into the bed as the high body heat softened the memory foam. The box springs are wood framed with foam so they eventually made loud creeking noises; so loud we had to get them warrantied, but the new ones started again within months and we were fed up. That's why we went to Douglas Bed; I'm a total stomach sleeper and they typically need a firmer bed. We tested the Douglas Bed for the full trial as it was one of the hardest beds (around 7) we could find with a trial, cooling effect (didn't feel it, but didn't sleep hot), and shipped within Canada. We wanted to like it so bad and almost were going to keep it as we didn't think we'd find much better; but it just wasn't giving us a good enough sleep still having some back pain in the morning even without additional sinking midway through the night. The Douglas was definitely better than the ripoff Tempur-Pedic, and both had great customer service. I'm not intending to bash either, except the outrageous price of the significantly inferior Tempur-Pedic, but these are my honest feelings about both. I'd never recommend a Tempur-Pedic at their ripoff prices, but definitely a Douglas to a side or back sleeper who is more average or a bit overweight. Enter the Hard Bed. This thing is FIRM. Not plywood firm, but even for a heavy guy this feels real firm. The first few nights my back hurt probably adjusting from my former beds. After 1 month, this is like sleeping on the floor with a thick foam topper underneath you; it's GREAT! There's only a slight sink into the mattress which I would say feels like an inch. Just like the Douglas I didn't feel a cooling effect, but didn't sleep hot at all. The Hard Bed doesn't advertise a cooling effect like Douglas though, so that's great it felt the same. We have a newborn and my wife has to sleep with him on her chest so she needs to sleep sitting up on pillows. The Douglas was causing her back to hurt because of this, but the hard bed was a CURE. No more problems! Even sleeping in a normal position she loves it as a side sleeper. No more back pain for me either, and am sleeping much better. The edges are not as firm as the body of the bed, but compress only a little more, nothing drastic. I love that it's an old school flip and turn mattress which should give it a ton more life than most beds in a box. I smelled nothing chemical when opened, and feel that it fully expanded after 24 hours although we slept on it about 5 hours after opening. I built a new bed with wood slats as we wanted a new bed, and didn't want to use a box spring anymore; this has been great for us, and was probably started by those terrible box springs we had before. I was hesitant because of the lack of a trial, and my wife said no at first reluctantly settling with the Douglas. She was desperate enough for a solution after weeks of back pain with the baby that I convinced her to do it as there wasn't a much harder bed between the Douglas and the Hard Bed to try. We both knew we wanted a VERY firm bed, but didn't know what the firmness ratings meant until trying them. So if you know you need a super firm bed too then get the Hard Bed! At ~$1200 it was definitely worth the price increase over the Douglas Bed (~$900); no regrets! By the way, I ordered on a Friday and it was at my house on Monday from Alberta to BC by free Purolator shipping; that's quick service!
What a fantastic, detailed review, Delan! We greatly appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences with these various mattress options. We're obviously biased, but we truly believe Hard Bed is tremendously unique and we're so glad that you're finding it to work well for you! We're also not surprised to hear there is no difference in "cooling" - all polyurethane foam mattresses sleep approximately the same (relatively "warm"). All the cooling claims are pure marketing for sure. Consider adding a wool-lined mattress protector if you wish to take sleeping temperature and humidity control to a whole new level of awesomeness!
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Best firm mattress anywhere! - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
I searched for a new mattress for months. The search was more difficult than most because I require a very firm mattress for my body type and way I sleep and that type is not widely available. I went to every mattress store in the city and browsed all the ones I could find online. After all my testing (done pre-isolation restrictions) I had it narrowed down two mattresses; the Tempur-Pedic Firm mattress and the Hard Bed.

The Tempur-Pedic had one thing up on the Hard Bed, a longer history of the product and reviews. However, after having spent my last 9 years on an overpriced memory foam/gel combo bed and being greatly disappointed by it's lack of longevity, I had to question whether the higher price tag on the "brand name" would really pay off in the long run.

The Hard Bed won me over for many different reasons.

First, the affordability. It wasn't the cheapest mattress out there but was by no means the most expensive (added bonus, it happened to be on sale when I bought it). I believe you get what you pay for in quality but you can also overpay for quality and the Hard Bed is at the top of its class in quality equalling affordability.

Second, ease of purchase and delivery (not technically a review on the mattress itself but its relevant). The fact that I was able to pick it up from the store, in my VW Beetle, and haul it into the house by myself was highly convenient. The mattress being compressed and rolled up made it super easy to get it in the house and in the bedroom to set it up (I wash I could share pics to show you.)

Third, quality. Not only is this mattress made with high quality products, they are utilized in the most functional way possible. I am not a small person, this is one of the reasons I need a firm mattress. I can lay on this mattress ANYWHERE without it “sucking” me in. I lay on top of the mattress and am supported no matter where I lay. I was particularly impressed this morning when I realized I was laying on the very edge of the mattress with my arm hanging off and the edge wasn’t compressing and causing me to roll off the bed.

Fourth, it’s “old style”. You can and should flip this mattress. To extend the life of anything, you are supposed to rotate and utilize the entire product yet for years we have only been using 50% of our mattresses and expecting 100% quality and life from them. I fully expect to be able to use this mattress for many years longer than any other mattress I have ever had because I can flip it.

I expect to have many, many, many, many excellent nights of sleep on my Hard Bed and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for the perfect firm mattress.
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I was skeptical - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
I was skeptical going into this purchase. I spoke to Christo and he was kind enough to send me a video of him laying down to show how much (how little?) this mattress compresses - it really is firm! These folks need to add a video like that to the website. I've had it for a few weeks now and I can say for sure that this mattress is extra-firm and extra-amazing.
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so far so good - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
4 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
I have had the mattress over a month. Seems very good so far. Hoping it stays firm.
Glad you're enjoying your Hard Bed so far! It will maintain that amazing firm support for many, many years to come. Thank you for your order, Greg! :)
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Best Mattress Ever - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
I've been looking for a super-firm mattress for years and have tried several different ones but was never happy with any. Finally tried this one and it's been amazing! Sleep quality has improved significantly since I got it 3 months ago. I hope that the mattress stays firm and continues to pay off the investment it was.
5 of 6 customers found this helpful.
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Best bed ever. - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Cured all sore back problems in one sleep. It’s very firm but you adjust and for me it’s now perfect. Just a bit of cushion. The perfect amount.
7 of 7 customers found this helpful.
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Great for us! - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
This foam bed is extremely firm, but no springs to poke into you. Our old mattress was indented so much it felt like sleeping in a hammock. We’ve had this mattress for 4 months and no sign of any sagging or indentation of any kind. You basically lay on top of the mattress rather than sink into it. I used to get side and back pain from our previous indented mattress, but none with this mattress. I wasn’t used to the firmness at first and thought it might’ve been too firm. I bought a mattress topper to provide some softness, but then my back started hurting again. I got rid of the topper and got used to the firm Hard Bed in a few weeks. It’s definitely hard, but it works for us who don’t like sleeping on a sagging/indented mattress.
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Best Mattress Ive Ever OWNED! - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Im a very large man have been all my life, struggling with soft beds has been the bane of my existence. Along comes this hard bed mattress and it basically changed my life. Would recommend to anyone who would listen!
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Awesome mattress - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
Loved it.. really nice firm mattress
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Sleeping well 💤😴 - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
We love this mattress, it is firm and supports well!
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Very happy with this purchase. Zzzzzzzzz - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
After reading the description, I was a little affraid that the mattress would be too hard, like inconfortably hard, but it is not! It has a little soft feel to it while being really firm and supportive. I was researching for an oldshool flippable mattress because of their reputation to last longer. They are very rare. This is the only one I could find online. I was a little disappointed that it was made in China, but I think this bed is cousiously built and of great quality. I slept a few nights on it, so far, so good!
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Very firm, 100% as described - Review of The Hard Bed™ Mattress
5 out of 5 stars
Verified Buyer
I was searching for a firm, durable mattress to replace my worn out bed. I love the fact that this mattress is reversible. I can see it lasting a very, very long time. I have only slept one night on it so far, but it is perfect!
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