SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet
SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet

SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvet

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The duvet that changes with the seasons™

With just a flip of your duvet, you can customize your sleep experience. The Söving® duvet has a special baffle design that lets you choose how warm you would like to be, just by turning it over. The Söving® duvet is the lightest, most breathable duvet we have ever created. This special Söving ® design increases the upper comfort range of the duvet. It will be the same cozy warmth in winter, but in the summer when it is turned over, it is cooler than conventional designs. This innovative design is patented.


Turn the duvet so the wide panels are facing up. This closes the breathing zones to keep you warmer.


Turn the duvet over so the narrow panels are facing up. This opens the breathing zones to allow the air to circulate, which keeps you cooler.

The winter side has all wide panels, and the summer side has both wide and narrow panels. There is a tag on the duvet as a reminder.

Filled with fabulous Clear Lake Canadian white goose down. 850+ loft. This exceptional down comes from free-range geese farmed near the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

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Product Details

  • 850 loft Clear Lake Colony Canadian white goose down
  • 340 Thread Count, 52% TENCEL™ / 48% cotton batiste imported from Germany
    • Tencel cover is 91 grams per square metre
    • Fabric is Certified Oeko-tex® Standard 100 Class 1
    • Fabric is down proof and dust mite proof
    • Piped in white satin cording
    • Genuine three-dimensional sealed baffle box design, which means down physically cannot migrate from one compartment to another
  • Corner attachment points for securing to the inside corners of a compatible duvet cover (including any St Geneve duvet cover), preventing your duvet from migrating to the bottom of the cover
  • Winter fill is guaranteed for warmth
  • Zurguard® certified to be hypoallergenic
  • Duvet cover is not included. For our selection of covers, please visit our sheet sets & duvet covers section
  • Made in Richmond, BC

Fill Weights

  • Twin
    • Summer - 16 oz
    • Classic - 22 oz
  • Queen
    • Summer - 20 oz
    • Classic - 27 oz
  • King
    • Summer - 22 oz
    • Classic - 32 oz
  • Super King
    • Summer - 26 oz
    • Classic - 36 oz

Choose the Right Quality

Higher quality duvets will provide a wider comfort range; they will be warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer than lower quality duvets. This is because higher quality down is better at all the things that down is famous for (such as insulation, lightness, breathability, etc) than lower quality down.

The table below shows how this works. (Remember: optimal sleeping temperatures are of approximately 15-17° Celcius)

Down Duvet Sleeping Temperature

Choose the Right Weight


Ultralight duvets are recommended for warm sleepers or for those in a warm bedroom (21°C or higher).


These duvets are recommended for very warm sleepers, in warm conditions or when selecting a high-loft down (850+). Summer weight duvets are our most popular choice. Great for bedroom temperatures between 19-21°C.

Summer Weight duvets were previously referred to as Ultra Light Weight.


These duvets are recommended for warm sleepers, and for heated bedrooms. Classic weight duvets are usually a good choice for most sleepers when selecting Laroche or Estate duvets as these have a much lower fill power than the other duvets in the range. Suited to bedroom temperatures between 16-19°C.

Classic Weight duvets were previously referred to as Light Weight.


These duvets are recommended for average or cold sleepers in cool to cold bedrooms. Winter duvets are guaranteed to be warm enough for a period of 10 years, or St Genève will add more down at no charge (providing that the duvet has been properly cared for, and a duvet cover has been used at all times). Please note that down cannot be removed from a duvet. Suitable for bedrooms kept below 16°C.

Winter Weight duvets were previously referred to as Regular Weight.

Dual Zone

He's hot, she's not. St Genève will make a duvet with different weights on the two sides, for example; a lightweight on one side, and a regular on the other. Every duvet we offer has these dual zone options available for purchase directly on our website.

Estimated Delivery, Shipping Costs & Availability

Varieties Which Are Typically In-Stock

SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvets are typically stocked in Richmond, BC in Queen & King Summer & Classic for quick delivery direct to your home or to be picked up in at least one of our Calgary, Edmonton and Sherwood Park stores. Please see the lead times below for situations when SÖVING Temperature Changing Down Duvets are sold out or for all other colours and sizes not listed here.

Lead Times for Out-of-Stock & Special Orders

Unless otherwise noted on this page, St Geneve bedding is made to order. Duvets and pillows typically arrive within 2-4 weeks, while bed linens typically arrive within 3-5 weeks. Please Send Us a Message should your needs be time sensitive.

Delivery Costs

Delivery is included at no extra cost to most locations across Canada on St Geneve orders of $100 or more.

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