Ultimate Latex Pillow Inside
Ultimate Latex Pillow Inside
Ultimate Latex Pillow
Ultimate Latex Pillow
Ultimate Latex Pillow
Ultimate pillow on a Brun de Vian-Tiran Nuage blanket
Ultimate pillow on a Brun de Vian-Tiran Nuage blanket
Ultimate Latex Pillow

Ultimate Latex Pillow

$129.99 CAD


Now or never. The Mattress & Sleep Company is offering remaining Natura Ultimate pillows while supplies last. 

The Natura Ultimate pillow is our best-selling latex pillow. The ventilated Talalay latex core provides exceptionally resilient support. This pillow is intended for someone who is seeking a thicker, firm, extra supportive pillow. The Ultimate pillow not only offers these traits, but it is also forgiving, allowing tired muscles to relax.

Enhance your comfort regime with the Ultimate Latex Pillow. This hypoallergenic cuddle buddy provides springy support that won't pack down, so you can say goodbye to neck and back tension and hello to improved vitality.

The Ultimate Latex Pillow brushes up the comfort in your boudoir. Ease away neck and back tension with the springy support of a solid Talalay latex core, while you enjoy its hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial advantages. This natural foam latex pillow has a cozy NaturaWool™ lining that regulates temperature and wicks away moisture so your pillow stays dry and cool during the night. With a velvety-soft, removable, terry cotton cover to keep it fresh and ensure easy hygiene, you'll find deeper, more restful nights.

This pillow is well-suited to side sleepers on a firmer mattress as the thick profile of the pillow will tend to keep you in great alignment. Those who are back sleepers or on a soft mattress that you sink into may find this pillow too thick.

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Product Details

  • Removable, quilted terry cotton cover (not washable)
  • 200 grams per square metre (6 ounces per square yard) of Natura Wool™ lining
  • Ventilated Talalay latex core
    • 30% natural rubber tree latex
    • 70% synthetic (styrene-butadiene) latex
  • Approximately 6" profile
  • Provides proper head and neck support to help muscles relax
  • Natura Wool™ lining wicks away moisture for a clean, allergen-free sleep
  • Naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant
  • Made in Canada

Care Instructions

The cover should be spot cleaned - we do not recommend machine washing or machine drying. To freshen wool-lined cover: Expose to sunlight and air. Sunshine brings out the natural lanolin in wool, allowing it to self-deodorize.

We recommend adding a machine-washable pillow protector (or replacing the cover that comes with the Ultimate pillow). Our favourites are the St Dormeir washable wool protector, which is terry-cotton lined with wool. Consider the St Geneve Care Allergy pillow protector if you have extreme dust mite or allergen concerns.

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