TEAM 7 Sleeping

TEAM 7 is the premiere maker of natural wood furniture and produces healthy, flexible, highly durable room interiors in contemporary designs for home, office, and public buildings that are in harmony with nature.

Healthy sleep is a natural matter
All TEAM 7 bed connections are made from 100% pure natural wood — finished with herbal oil and nothing else. TEAM 7 bed frames contain as much metal as do TEAM 7 European hardwood trees; namely none.

TEAM 7 at The Mattress & Sleep Company

  • Our Calgary, Edmonton, and Sherwood Park stores each display a variety of TEAM 7 furniture.
  • Several wood species such as alder, beech, oak, cherry, and walnut. Zero stains or lacquer natural open-pore wood contributes to healthy indoor air quality and is infinitely repairable.
  • TEAM 7 manages their own forests and utilizes their very own sawmill, which means the production process is controlled from start to finish - a unique attribute not found in any other industrial-scale furniture maker anywhere in the world.
  • 650 specialized team members, approximately two-thirds of which are skilled carpenters, craft your furniture order to your individual specifications from TEAM 7's factories in Ried & Pram, Austria.
  • We utilize specialty 3D planning software to customize and design the perfect solution for your room. The TEAM 7 items listed on our website are merely intended to provide an idea of the possibilities.
  • Essentials Editions. Benefit from a lower price and shorter lead times on popular configurations of best-sellers.